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Summerfield golfers join hole-in-one club


Three golfers score four holes in one in less than four months

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - LUCKY NUMBER NINE - Ken Rose and Sandy Pheister recently got holes in one on the Summerfield Golf Course No. 9, with Rose getting a second one on No. 7.This has been a very lucky season for three Summerfield golfers, who all got holes in one, with one golfer even getting two in less than two months.

Ken Rose scored an ace on the seventh hole April 18 and a second one on the ninth hole June 14.

"Those were my first ever," Rose said. "The first one I didn't see go in. I thought it hit it over the green, and it just kept rolling. The second one happened on a dark day, and I was looking for the ball when someone told me it was in the hole."

Rose, who moved to Summerfield in 2003, called himself an intermittent golfer over the years. He didn't play a lot while working until the early 1990s but played in earnest after retiring and moving to Summerfield.

Sandy Pheister moved to Summerfield 17 years ago and played a little golf before that, scoring a hole in one while playing in California. "It is exciting," she said.

Pheister got her second hole in one, also on the ninth hole, during the Summerfield Women's Golf Club's annual Charity Tournament on Aug. 8, which was a four-person scramble format. "The other ladies saw it go in," she said.

Pheister noted that a hole in one doesn't guarantee future success on the same hole; when she played again, her ball went into the water on No. 9.

"Getting a hole in one does give you a little bit of notoriety," she said.

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - NEW MEMBER OF HOLE-IN-ONE CLUB -- Jerry Miller joined the club on July 12 on lucky No. 9, which also was lucky for Ken Rose and Sandy Phesiter.Jerry Miller scored a hole in one, also on the ninth hole, on July 12.

He moved to Summerfield in 1999 and said that while he played his first round of golf in 1952, he didn't play a lot after that.

"I was introduced to the game by our pastor, and he took me out a few times," Miller said. "Then I played off and on, and for 20 years I didn't play at all until I moved here."

Getting his first hole in one in July was not even on his radar, Miller said.

"I didn't even think about it when the topic came up, except to say I had never witnessed one except on TV."

As for the momentous day in July, Miller said, "My eyes aren't that good, and a guy was watching it and called it. He followed it onto the green and said, 'It looks like it's going in the hole,' and then it disappeared. I said, 'Hole in one,' and he said, 'No… maybe.' As soon as I crested the green, I didn't see a ball and knew it had to be a hole in one.

"My friend was waving his hands and said, 'You did it.' I'm not a good golfer - it was pure luck, although you've got to hit it hard enough to get it to the hole. It's fun when it happens."

Every member of the men's golf club who gets a hole in one at the Summerfield Golf Course gets $100 and a plaque that contains the ball from Summerfield pro Rob Lindsey, and the men's golf club has a tradition that the winner must buy donuts and other pastries for the club.

"Everyone looks forward to the donuts," said Rose, adding, "I got chastised for not bringing enough maple bars."

Lindsey said that he doesn't keep a record of who gets holes in one but recalled that so far in 2013, two women and five men have gotten them, and in 2012, nine men and no women scored aces.