King City police chief encourages neighbors to look out for each other

During the past month, your King City Police Department has been dealing with a variety of weather-related problems. The most significant have been welfare checks on residents who live alone or are homebound due to medical issues.

The police department urges all residents to become aware of neighbors, friends and family who need assistance in inclement weather. If you believe someone may be in distress, try to make contact or call the non-emergency police number at 503-629-0111 and request a welfare check. By being a good neighbor or friend, you may save a life.

Cell phone usage

Many drivers are being observed using their cell phone while driving. The 2011 Oregon Legislature revised the cell phone usage statute. With a few remaining exceptions, when operating a motor vehicle, using a cell phone without a hands-free device is prohibited. The prohibition includes texting as well as using standard voice use.

The best rule of thumb if you need to use your phone and you are in your car is to pull over or go to the nearest parking lot, stop, make your call and then resume your travel. The penalty for failure to use a hands-free device while using a cell phone when driving is a citation with a fine of $160.

Crime prevention hints

Here are some tips to lessen your vulnerability to being a crime victim at home:

-- Keep your doors locked at night and every time you leave home;

-- Always keep your windows locked, even when open for ventilation;

-- Make sure you have the proper security locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows;

-- Practice good key control, don't leave keys where anyone can find them. If you must, leave an extra key with a neighbor or friend and not under the flower pot;

-- At night and when away, keep the garage door closed and locked;

-- Place adequate lighting around your house, garage and yard;

-- Keep shrubs and other foliage around your house trimmed to avoid creating hiding spaces for prowlers;

-- If you have to keep your automobile outside day or night, remove items of value, including keys;

-- Mark your property and record serial numbers of valuable items such as computers and televisions;

-- When hiring someone or a company to do work around your house, make sure you hire a legitimate, and if possible bonded, individual or company. Check them out prior to allowing them access to your house or automobile;

-- Beware of what is happening in your immediate neighborhood, including unusual activity and persons. If you feel it is out of the ordinary or suspicious, call 911;

-- If you practice some basic prevention techniques, the vulnerability to crime is lessened and the chances of being a victim are greatly diminished.

You be the judge (or you have to be kidding)

Many people enjoy a fine wine while enjoying a gourmet dinner. In this case, our subject was stopped for DUII after he was observed driving on the highway center line. It appears our subject had a history of indulging a bit too much (10 previous DUII arrests).

After failing the breath test, our subject insisted he was sober and the breath test results were wrong. He insisted that the reading was from some beer-battered fried fish he had eaten earlier. However, his alibi didn't hold up. It seems he had fish-battered fried beer!

Until next time, be good, be neighborly and be safe.

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