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Columnist Isabel Torrey lights up reader's life

To the Editor:

I am sending on a fan letter to your columnist Isabel Torrey. But I would also like to say that I am so impressed with your accomplishments as both a top journalist and photographer, a one-woman show for the Regal Courier. 

How delighted I am that Isabel Torrey’s “Picture This” is back in action again with her gifted pen. Her last two columns (as many before) used both her skills as a journalist and her great sense of humor. I hope she will continue.

I am fairly new to the Summerfield area but have also been a lifelong journalist and PR person who can relate to her experiences. Her story about Walt Miller and his return (barely) piloting his plane in WWII to a landing was so gripping, I was white-knuckling it just reading it.

My second marriage to a WWII Marine who spent the entire war in the South Pacific had gripping stories to tell me, (a mere 8 years old when he went to war) will never be forgotten. For any magazine to turn down a story of someone only because he or she is no longer alive is beyond me. These individuals were bigger than life and so heroic that they deserve to be remembered in print.

Her last column about wallflowers was so wonderful, many of us can relate. At any early age, we were forced to take ballroom dancing lessons with fellow grade-school students and thus, the word wallflower was alive and well.

Isabel took it farther and learned the lesson of success. Ask people about themselves, and it turns out to be their favorite subject and a real winner. I find that my skills at interviewing are ever more powerful in daily contact, especially in the often empty world of social media, which reduces us to one-liners and tweets. The “tell me about yourself” phrase is still  powerful.

Keep it up, Isabel.  Give us some more!

(Ms) Syd Kanitz