Joy Olmstead is now the manager and the boss over her husband Bob

REGAL COURIER PHOTO: BARBARA SHERMAN - After finding retirement boring, Joy Olmstead went to work at the King City Pro Shop nine months ago and was promoted to manager Feb. 1.There is a new manager at the King City Pro Shop, but she is a familiar face to all the regulars.

Joy Olmstead has been working there for about nine months but recently was promoted to manager.

While she obviously knows how to run the operation, Olmstead hesitates to call herself a golfer. "Can we say I like to golf?" she asked.

Her name might be familiar to non-golfers in King City because Joy's husband Bob serves on the King City City Council and is the council president.

"When Bob and I got married, he was the golfer," she said. "We had a welcome mat that said, 'A golfer and a normal person live here.'"

They moved to King City 14 years ago, and according to Olmstead, her start in golf happened one fine day about 10 years when Bob took her to a driving range, where she used pink balls that were part of a breast cancer awareness campaign.

Olmstead joined the King City Women's Golf Club and has a handicap of 15 for nine holes.

But they didn't always live on a golf course. After the Olmsteads got married, they lived in Beaverton and Vancouver, "but I was always fascinated with King City," she said. "We finally came here and looked around and eventually moved."

Olmstead also had a professional life before the Pro Shop, doing insurance coding and quality assurance for American Medical Response before retiring in April 2016.

"I swore I would never go back to work, but after I took a couple months off, I decided that I needed to find something to do," she said.

She was hired at the Pro Shop last June and since becoming manager Feb. 1, Olmstead is planning a few changes. Luckily the Pro Shop was remodeled and renovated a couple years ago, including the addition of large-screen television sets to create more of a club atmosphere.

So with decorating out of the way, one thing Olmstead would like to do is put up a menu board to list items for sale.

Although the bad winter weather is not good for golf, spring is here, which means the Pro Shop is getting busier, and Olmstead calls this her dream job.

"I love coming here and seeing people I know and meeting new ones," she said. "I spent so many years commuting and traveling for work, so I love not having to drive back and forth to work."

In addition, the tables have turned for the Olmsteads. According to Bob, when they met, he was her boss, but he works part time at the Pro Shop so since she got promoted, she is his boss now.

Outside groups are welcome to use the King City golf course for tournaments, and they can make arrangements by call the Pro Shop at 503-639-7986.

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