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Say what? Oregon Hearing Solutions offers free product demos

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OREGON HEARING SOLUTIONS - Dr. Scott JohnsonMay is Better Hearing & Speech Month, and Dr. Scott Johnson of Oregon Hearing Solutions is partnering with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association to help educate the general public and promote safe listening habits.

In honor of the month-long advocacy campaign, Dr. Johnson will also offer hearing aid product demonstrations absolutely free of charge. If you’ve considered buying a hearing aid before, or want to experience the quality and clarity of today’s personal sound-amplifying devices, now is the time to visit.

Of special concern to Dr. Johnson is the increasing danger faced by the world’s young people. A new study released by the World Health Organization reports that 1.1 billion children risk hearing loss due to unsafe listening habits.

Noise-induced hearing loss is entirely preventable—but it’s also irreversible. Parents can help prevent hearing loss by limiting headphone usage to one or two hours a day, enforcing “listening breaks,” keeping the volume on MP3 players below the halfway point and modeling good listening behaviors themselves.

“Parents who have any concern about their child’s hearing should schedule a hearing evaluation immediately,” Dr. Johnson says. “Early treatment can help prevent or mitigate many of the negative repercussions from hearing loss, so it is critical that parents not delay.”

Concerned parents can find more information online at www.identifythesigns.org. To schedule a hearing test appointment or for a free product demo, call or stop by Oregon Hearing Solutions today!

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