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Monica Wehby, a Portland physician and the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, was accused by her former boyfriend in a 2013 police report of “stalking” him.

The report, disclosed in a story on the Politico website, also said that Andrew Miller complained about Wehby entering his home without permission and “harassing” employees of Stimson Lumber Co., where he is president and chief executive.

The story emerged as Wehby was preparing to meet state Rep. Jason Conger of Bend at a Friday forum of the Portland City Club. The forum will be their only face-to-face public encounter before Tuesday’s primary, when Republican voters will choose a nominee against Democratic incumbent Jeff Merkley.

Wehby has raised more than $1 million, far more than Conger, excluding other spending on their behalf. She has not run for public office before.

Wehby and Miller have been linked romantically, and Miller and Nevada businessman Loren Parks contributed $106,000 for broadcast and other ads aimed at Conger. The Democratic Party of Oregon has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission asserting that the spending by Miller was not truly independent of Wehby’s campaign – an accusation denied by Wehby’s campaign.

The Politico story said Miller filed the report with Portland police in April 2013, near the end of a two-year relationship with Wehby.

According to the report by officer Brent Taylor, Miller “told me that he wanted to initiate a police report because Wehby has been ‘harassing’ his employees and ‘stalking’ him. He told me that he intended to get a stalking order tomorrow against Wehby. I asked Miller what Wehby had done specifically to make him desire to get a stalking order. He told me that Wehby has showed up at his home uninvited about 5 times within the last 10 days.”

Miller said he did not proceed to obtain such an order. The report adds: “Miller told me that the last few times he has observed as Wehby knocked on the doors and rang the door bell repeatedly for the duration of about 10 minutes before finally leaving. Miller told me that tonight Wehby did the same thing as she has done the last few times. However, this time Miller told me that Wehby walked around to the back of the house and tried the door handle. Miller told me that after Wehby discovered that the door was unlocked she entered the residence and attempted to find Miller.”

Wehby, in a statement to Politico, downplayed the incident.

“A year ago I went through the process of concluding a relationship,” she said. “That relationship ended amicably, and while I’m not pleased that it has been deemed newsworthy, I guess that is the cost of challenging the political status quo.”

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