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Weird pet names? How about 'Chubs Carpoochi'?


Instead of saying “here kitty kitty,” some pet owners across the nation are calling “here Katniss,” or “here Great Fatsby.”

That’s what Portland’s Banfield Pet Hospital discovered in its list of most popular pet names for 2013. The hospital’s research team, Banfield Applied Research & Knowledge, reported Wednesday that the names were pulled from its database of nearly 2.5 million pets nationwide.

Unusual twists on celebrity names were in vogue this year, according to the research. Some pet owners latched onto the popular “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” theme, with Banfield seeing five times as many cats named “Katniss,” compared with a year ago.

Others chose to jazz things up, naming their pets after the remake of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, “The Great Gatsby.” Banfield saw twice as many dogs and cats named “Gatsby” in 2013 versus 2012, including adaptations such as “The Great Fatsby.”

“The Twilight Saga” left its mark on pet owners, with “Bella” holding its rank as the most popular name for dogs, and second most popular for cats in 2013.

“We really enjoy seeing how creative our clients can be when it comes to naming their pets,” says Dr. Elizabeth Lund, Banfield senior director of research and head of the BARK team. “Pet owners share such a strong, emotional bond with their pets, so it’s fitting they would give their four-legged family member a name that holds personal significance and reflects their interests.”

Banfield Pet Hospital was founded 58 years ago in Portland and has more than 830 hospitals and 2,600 veterinarians across the nation. In 2007, Banfield became part of the Mars Inc. group.

Pop culture also provided a host of pet names, with Banfield Pet Hospitals seeing twice as many dogs named “North” or “North West” compared to 2012, after Kim Karsdashian and Kayne West welcomed their celebrity baby. Others making a bang in the pet world: “Sheldon,” “Penny” and “Leonard” from CBS’s TV series, “The Big Bang Theory.”

Banfield’s strangest pet names this year are:

1. Leonardo Da Poochie

2. Luke Grasswalker

3. Darth Baine Von Chicken Nugget

4. Chubs Carpoochi

5. Smashy Von Chickensnacks

6. Captain Huggy Pants

7. Pouncer Von Thunderpaws

8. Mr. Montgomery Mittens

9. Binx, “The Great Fatsby”

10. Tobethius Mcsnugglepants

Top 10 pet names of 2013 are:


1. Bella

2. Max

3. Buddy

4. Daisy

5. Coco

6. Lucy

7. Bailey

8. Charlie

9. Molly

10. Rocky


1. Kitty

2. Bella

3. Tiger

4. Max

5. Shadow

6. Smokey

7. Tigger

8. Lucy

9. Chloe

10. Charlie