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Portland's Opinions

March 30, 2017

My View: Trump budget clashes with state values

by Adam Davis
Comparing the values reflected in the president's budget against the importance Oregonians give to the protection of vulnerable populations and the environment, and the value they assign to…
March 30, 2017

My View: Law needed to keep kids safe from guns

by Paul Kemp, Robert Yuille and Lily Raff McCaulou
urrently, 27 states and the District of Columbia have Child Access Prevention laws, creating criminal liability if a person lets a child gain unintended access to a weapon by failing to safely…
March 30, 2017

Letters: Support Oregon's home care system

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers weigh in on the issues of the day, including health care and homelessness.

PORTLAND TRIBUNE: LYNDSEY HEWITT - While it is unclear what the final status of the district will be, there are obvious lessons for the city and the region.
March 28, 2017

Our Opinion: City must balance history and change

by Editorial Board
The city cannot allow the well-heeled and well-connected to use historic districts as a dressed-up version of old-fashioned redlining, to keep less-desirable (in this case, lower-income)…
PHOTO COURTESY OF OREGON MEN'S BASKETBALL - Members of the University of Oregon men's basketball team celebrate their win over Kansas and a trip this weekend to the Final Four. The Ducks will face off against North Carolina on Saturday.
March 28, 2017

Just Another Point of View: A Final Four that fits this frenzied…

by Mikel Kelly
Columnist Mikel Kelly, who, it could be argued, likes basketball a little too much, takes time from his game watching and court strategizing occasionally to write something for the newspaper
March 28, 2017

Letters: Reasons blacks leave rooted in racism

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers weigh in on race relations, the Multnomah County Assessor, intolerance, living with autism, and weathering winter storms.
March 23, 2017

My View: Jail is no place for the mentally ill

by Sarah Radcliffe
Cycling people with mental illness through our jail doors while failing to meet their most basic health care needs inflicts incredible harm on human beings who are in urgent need of care. And it…
March 23, 2017

My View: There are right and wrong ways to protest

by Jim Kolousek
Blocking people's right to public access is not endearing people to your cause. It makes them less likely to pay attention and more likely to veer away from the liberal left.
March 21, 2017

Our Opinion: Legislature should require more transparency

by Editorial board
As a media group with newspapers in some small communities, we are sympathetic to local agencies whose limited staffs may need extra time. But, as written, the bill allows agencies to invoke the…
PORTLAND TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - The levees along the Oregon side of the Columbia River are being tested to determine whether they need work to prevent future failures and flooding.
March 21, 2017

My View: Preparedness best response to flood risk

by Jules Bailey
Proactive safety work will continue over the next few weeks as part of a collaboration to manage flood risk along the south shore of the Columbia River. The project is led by Levee Ready…

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Mar 21, 2017

Letters: Build character through critical thought

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers respond to others readers and the issues of the day, including PERS reform
Mar 16, 2017

My View: It's finally time to sell the Elliott State Forest

by John A. Charles Jr.
State Land Board members have never wanted to sell, but there is no public ownership option that would allow the board to fulfill its fiduciary obligations to maximize revenue for the public…
Mar 16, 2017

My View: Privatizing forest a bad deal for state

by Sean Stevens
Is it really wise to forever trade away the recreation, hunting, fishing, wildlife and climate mitigation values of the Elliott State Forest for the $220 million price that the Land Board is…
Mar 16, 2017

Letters: 'Beater' driver experienced profiling

by Pamplin Media Group
Our readers voice their opinions on the issues of the day, including profiling and environmental policies.
Mar 14, 2017

Our Opinion: Regulate disruptive behavior at City Hall

by Editorial Board
Mayor Ted Wheeler is trying to gain control over the proceedings with a proposed code of conduct that would give him the power to expel - and perhaps ban into the future - people who disrupt…
Mar 14, 2017

My View: Commission applauded for following the science

by Joan Dukes
A Kitzhaber policy has failed to meet its own goals, so panel 're-balanced' it.
Mar 14, 2017

My View: Urban, rural reserves policy ready to proceed

by Jim Bernard and Tom Hughes
It is important to remember that an urban reserve designation maintains current zoning and protections from development. The designation simply identifies the area as one where local elected…
Mar 14, 2017

Letters: Landlord pitches for NW Natural to stay

by Super User
Readers weigh in on Northwest Natural Gas, homelessness, and Trump's relationship with the press.
Mar 09, 2017

Our Opinion: ODOT records must be made public

by Pamplin Media Group
When the Pamplin Media Group and EO Media Group requested an earlier draft version of the report from the state, McKinsey objected, saying the draft should not be released. It also is resisting…
Mar 09, 2017

My View: Sanctuary schools set bad example

by Richard F. LaMountain
Since President Donald Trump's election, the boards of Portland Public Schools and Portland Community College have declared their schools 'sanctuary' institutions that will seek to protect…