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March 04, 2015

Letters: Concord Elementary; county land use; vaccine…

by The Clackamas Review
The February CIA meeting was very interesting. Joe Krumm and Ron Stewart are doing a great job of outreach to the community on this issue of the future of Concord School, which closed last year,…
March 04, 2015

What is Clackamas County's road ahead?

by John Ludlow
Not including the roads contained within Clackamas County’s cities, the county is obligated to maintain over 1,400 miles of pavement. That’s about the same amount of miles from Oregon City to…
February 25, 2015

My View: Pamplin partnership fills journalism gaps

by Mark Garber
In his final public statement as Oregon governor, John Kitzhaber evaded personal responsibility for the ordeal he put his state through, resorting instead to a worn-out excuse of too many fallen…
February 25, 2015

Letters take on county's 2nd Amendment stance, Jennings Avenue,…

by The Clackamas Review
At their business meeting on Feb. 19, the Board of Clackamas County Commissioners voted on “A Resolution in the Matter of Supporting Second Amendment Rights.” The League of Women Voters of…
Photo Credit: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Clackamas High School's dance team is pictured just after giving a group hug to the West Linn High School dance team this past weekend.
February 25, 2015

Letter: West Linn, Clackamas high school dance teams come…

by The Clackamas Review
I want to offer my sincere thanks to the Clackamas High School dance team, coaches and parents. Your acts of kindness during a time when the West Linn High School dance team was dealing with the…
February 18, 2015

Marijuana use even more dangerous for teens

by Dr. Andrew Mendenhall
Parents, I encourage you to open a dialogue about teen cannabis use. This summer, cannabis will become legal in Oregon for retail adult purchase and home production. Just like with alcohol, kids…
February 18, 2015

Parents share responsibility to vaccinate

by Dr. Paul Lewis
Misery. That is all I could think when I walked into the hospital room and saw the 2-year-old boy screaming in his crib. His bloodshot eyes hadn’t closed for hours. An endless stream of snot…
February 11, 2015

We want to hear about Amazing Kids for upcoming publication

by Editorial Board
In October 2014, the Pamplin Media Group launched a special section that provided a prestigious stage from which we could sing the praises of 22 amazing kids who live in communities from…
Photo Credit: SUBMITTED - Fleischmann
February 11, 2015

Recognizing great black Africans in the Bible

by Mike Fleischmann
February is Black History Month, and at GracePointe Church we are celebrating an under-emphasized part of our faith history — the contributions of black Africans, not only to the story of the…
February 04, 2015

Two Views: Higher pay creates better future for all

by Andrea Paluso
Ostensibly, 2014 was a good year for the U.S. economy. The national unemployment rate fell to 5.6 percent — the lowest in 6.5 years — while job growth averaged 246,000 per month. It’s tempting…

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Feb 04, 2015

Two Views: Minimum-wage hike too simplistic

by Joe Gilliam
If the merits of raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour were as simple as proponents state, politicians would have done it years ago and taken credit ever since. But last week the nonpartisan…
Jan 28, 2015

Interest in removing dams overflows Masonic Lodge

by The Clackamas Review
The fourth-annual Milwaukie Watershed Event had its cup runneth over on Saturday, Jan. 17 (“Telling the dam story: Films to focus on restoration, dam removal,” Jan. 12). The old Masonic Lodge…
Jan 28, 2015

My View: Highway initiatives would worsen traffic

by Karli Petrovic
There’s a reason why the statistics published in the Portland Business Alliance’s 2014 Economic Impacts of Transportation study are attention-grabbing: The possibility of spending 69 hours per…
Jan 28, 2015

Smart phones clash with 20th-century courthouse rule

by Lee van der Voo
Every court is its own dominion. And the Clackamas County Circuit Court is unique, so far as I can tell, in its prickliness about technology. Redacted.The court’s biggest recent flap involved a…
Jan 21, 2015

Letters: Great goals; re-investing in recreation; boxing exhibit

by The Clackamas Review
The most recent election showed a great sense of hope and positive attitude, here in Milwaukie at least. My hope is that those that see our city for what it could be, will join us in plotting…
Jan 14, 2015

Jobs report rosy, but there's work to do

by Editorial board
If you weren’t yet feeling that holiday cheer, here’s something to boost your spirits: The Portland-area economy is showing verifiable signs of sustained growth. Two bits of evidence emerged in…
Jan 14, 2015

My View: Amnesties undermine immigration laws

by Elizabeth Van Staaveren
Editor’s note: This guest column is in response to Lewis & Clark history professor Elliott Young’s Dec. 11 My View column, “President Obama got it half right on immigration.” “Our immigration…
Jan 14, 2015

Funding for the future

by Joe Robertson
- Congress must do its job and provide adequate funding for medical research - For decades, medical research — and the cures and treatments it has discovered — have meant hope for millions of…
Jan 07, 2015

Thanking those who help people help others

by Fred Charlton
Helping those in need this holiday season... Clackamas Fire would like to thank our communities for the outpouring of support for our 40th year participating in Operation Santa Clause. During…
Jan 07, 2015

Our region deserves a balanced approach to clean air

by Paul Savas
I have been testing tailpipe emissions since 1975. One aspect of my business for over 25 years was specializing in fuel efficient products that reduced emissions, and we were one of the first to…

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