What's the fate of the mill? Good question

What's the fate of the mill? Good question

Definitive answers are elusive on whether a buyer has been found for the former WestRock...

Wineries say they'll take demise of TPP in stride

Wineries say they'll take demise of TPP in stride

Trade deal had benefits, but local wineries expect to forge on

Night to Shine keeps growing

Night to Shine keeps growing

Special needs prom grows to 141 participants in third year at Newberg Christian Church

Regional group supporting county trails project

Regional group supporting county trails project

Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments agrees to advocate for and provide services for...

Suspected bank robber caught in Astoria

Suspected bank robber caught in Astoria

Man suspected of striking five banks, including on in Newberg on Feb. 3

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Annette Merrill, VP and Business Development Manager, Premier Community BankLike any local business, Premier Community Bank exists because of the clients and communities we serve. As we close on 2016, we are truly grateful for those of you who have chosen to support local banking. Our goal has been and will always be to create a banking experience that is unparalleled.

In summary, 2016 was a very good year for us. We were able to add some talented bankers to our staff and together with our long time bankers we significantly grew our loan and deposit portfolios. It has been great to be able to provide lending support to businesses in our communities. We work together for the good of all.

If you have contemplated making a banking change for your business, we invite you to consider Premier Community Bank. Our team of experienced bankers will enjoy visiting your business and getting to know how it works, your challenges, and what is needed to help you reach the next level. Visit our website at www.pcboregon.com to see what other businesses are saying about local banking. Here you will also find the resumes of our team.

Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2017.

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Randy McCreith, Bella Casa Real Estate GroupIt has been a very Merry Christmas for us, but not for reasons you might expect to read about in this column. Joni and I had our entire family over On Christmas Day- 5 children and their spouses, Joni's parents, our 9 grandchildren (all 6 and younger), our niece and her family, and some friends. Just before dinner, our daughter Molly decided she and her husband, Junior (Lariano), were not staying for dinner; 2 ½ hours later we had our 10th grandchild, Cristian Lariano Barajas- on Christmas Day!

Our work is an extension of our family. We pour our lives into our business in the same way we have poured our lives into our family for 40 years now. The values and priorities we hold to naturally flow-out of us in our work and how we view our clients. We are privileged to have 3 daughters in the business with us and one son-in-law. We hope one day to offer our business to family to carry on these values. For now, we get to share our business with family, wonderful friends and like-minded colleagues who also treat our clients as if family, and with you. If our highest priority was money, we would not have the family we have, and we would not have the kind of business we offer.

We begin this New Year with good news in the family and in our industry. 2016 was a very good year for sales and for our clients. There is good reason for good hope for 2017.



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Sharon Freeman, Chef/Caterer and Sommelier, Feathered NestSharon's spacious country home is beautifully decorated and can accommodate all visitors from couples to wine tasting groups, and families. You will enjoy the cozy comforts of home, with every detail and amenity attended to, combined with vineyard views on the privacy of two acres in the heart of wine country.

Annually, in late January, Willamette Valley hosts the Oregon Truffle Festival, the first truffle festival in the English-speaking world that will bring together renowned truffle experts, chefs and food writers for a series of blissful meals, educational seminars and the Joriad truffle dog championship. It is the perfect opportunity to pair regional wines with dishes featuring one of Oregon’s most precious culinary ingredients. After a busy day, retreat to the comfort of Feathered Nest (listing number #711790 on VRBO.com, or “Country Charm 2-acre Vineyard Views” on Airbnb.com).

Valentine’s Day is already booked at Feathered Nest, but as a special treat, pick another date for a wine tasting tour and book Feathered Nest's certified sommelier to prepare a food & wine paired meal for you and your guests.

Spring is a particularly beautiful season to visit wine country. Vintners and winemakers have more opportunities to meet with visitors and it is easier to secure reservations at most desirable restaurants in the area. Don’t wait too long to book your wine tasting experience. We look forward to seeing you.



Listing #711790


Listing - Country Charm 2-acre Vineyard Views

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Dr. Wendy Abraham, Naturopathic Physician, Sherwood Aesthetic MedicineOver the years, many patients have asked Dr. Wendy Abraham if she knew of any cures for thinning hair or male-pattern baldness. After researching different stem cell treatments, Sherwood Aesthetic Medicine is excited to announce that they are now providing hair restoration services from AQ Skin Solutions, via a treatment called the Advanced Hair Complex+.

Dr. Abraham’s treatment combines microneedling, or the use of fine needles on the scalp, with Advanced Hair Complex+ serum. The microneedling allows the serum to penetrate through the skin’s surface to the hair follicles. AQ Skin Solutions’ patented growth factor technology improves the overall condition of the scalp, as well as nourishing stem cells in the hair follicles to promote overall follicular health and strong, healthy hair growth.

For optimal results, Dr. Abraham recommends a course of five easy, weekly in-office treatments that take about thirty minutes each. As a naturopathic physician, Dr. Abraham can also help patients address several other factors that may be affecting hair growth, such as hormonal changes, stress and nutrition. Many patients start to see greater hair growth and an improvement in hair quality and texture within the first five weeks, with most seeing continued benefits three months after treatment.

“Thinning hair is one of the biggest complaints that I hear - for both men and women,” said Dr. Abraham. “After trying to find good alternatives to surgical solutions, we’re really excited to able to offer an affordable fix that’s easy to implement and doesn’t have any downtime.” If you’re looking to start 2017 with a full head of healthy hair, call 503-610-1194 for a free consultation today!


16771 SW 12TH ST., SUITE C, SHERWOOD, OR 97140



Brought to you by Diane Edwards, AWMA®. Edwards & Associates, Financial Services, Inc.

Diane Edwards, AWMA®, Edwards & Associates, Financial Services, Inc.Money Chat with Diane

Within a family, money management can be a source of extreme stress. After all, arguments about money aren’t really about money—they’re about our priorities, decisions and relationships. And just as our earliest family memories can influence how we interact with people as adults, so can early, emotionally-charged memories influence how we spend, save and invest our money.

A famous study conducted by Dr. Ted Klontz identified four core money beliefs. Below is a brief description, however, in this month’s Money Chat blog, we discuss in greater detail the unique differences and their challenges.

Money Avoider: May struggle with feeling uncomfortable in handling financial matters including basics like balancing a checkbook.

Money Status: Net worth and self-worth are synonymous. They highly value the social status that money affords.

Money Worshipper: Money equates to happiness and values the opportunities that wealth affords to enjoy life, family and friends.

Money Vigilant: Alert and focused on gaining or maintaining financial stability through consistent astuteness.

For many clients, bringing an awareness of their money belief, its origin, and how it affects their financial decisions can be the most powerful element to their financial success. Investment management and portfolio planning is something that we do behind the scenes for our clients’ success, but what they do on the front end matters just as much! No one profile is good or bad, but the key is to understand your beliefs and leverage them for your success.



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Newberg's Latest News

COURTESY OREGON LIQUOR CONTROL COMMISSION - Bottle deposits in Oregon will double to 10 cents on April 1. Under a bill proposed in the Legislature, even cans for which only a 5-cent deposit was paid can be redeemed for the full 10 cents until Sept. 1, 2018.
February 18, 2017

Oregonians could see bottle deposit windfall under bill

by Claire Withycombe/Capital Bureau
The state's bottle and can deposit will double to a dime April 1.
February 15, 2017

Newberg council will consider 'inclusive city' resolution soon

by Aaron Knapp
Mayor Bob Andrews says 'sanctuary city' not being considered by council
SUBMITTED - Pediatricians Dr. Kari Smart and Dr. Cameron Luck will take over a new satellite of The Children's Clinic, a century-old Portland-based pediatric practice, planned to open March 6 at 700 Deborah Road in Newberg.
February 15, 2017

Children's Clinic to add location in Newberg

by Aaron Knapp
Two pediatricians look forward to building relationship with Newberg community

February 15, 2017

Oregon jobs recovery lags in some rural areas

by Pamplin Media Group
Oregon has recovered the jobs lost during the 'great recession' but some rural areas still lag behind
February 15, 2017

Hannan proposes fresh start for CPRD and city

by Seth Gordon
The city manager addresses the park board about partnership opportunities after council denied request to waive pool system development charges
February 15, 2017

Noxious weeds draw lawmakers' attention

by Pamplin Media Group
Oregon farm groups are urging lawmakers to boost noxious weed control funding by $1 million
February 15, 2017

St. Paul Rodeo hires general manager

by Pamplin Media Group
Cindy Schonholtz will take over after 19 years with ProRodeo Cowboys Association
February 15, 2017

Oregon lawmakers backing pesticide restrictions poised to shape…

by Pamplin Media Group
A bill to strip pesticide protections from Oregon's 'right to farm' law is introduced at the behest of the Senate Judiciary Committee
February 15, 2017

Feb. 15 public safety round-up

by Pamplin Media Group
Outstanding warrants, Newberg-Dundee Police Department run log, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue run log, Yamhill County jail reports
February 15, 2017

Senate committee will release revenue plan

by Pamplin Media Group
Lawmakers in the Oregon Senate's Finance and Revenue committee may release a package of measures that could include a broad-based tax on business

Don't miss the local news

Feb 15, 2017

Smart Money: Is organic food worth the higher price? Experts say…

by Pamplin Media Group
Consumers face big challenges when it comes to shopping organic because of inaccurate and misleading food labeling, confusing nutrient values and sometimes outrageous pricing
GRAPHIC FILE PHOTO - Megan Tarmichael, a Newberg High School graduate, was a past recipient of the Amazing Kid honor locally.
Feb 15, 2017

Do you know an Amazing Kid in the community?

by Pamplin Media Group
Pamplin Media Group's annual search for exceptional youths begins; deadline for submissions is March 1
GARY ALLEN - Newberg Friends Church is among the more prominent members of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends that will be affected by a split in ideology on homosexuality, including recognition of gay marriages and acceptance of pastors in same-sex relationships.
Feb 08, 2017

A schism in the church

by Seth Gordon
Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, headquartered in Newberg but representing 50 churches in three states, announces it has reached an impasse on acceptance of the LGBTQ community and will…
GARY ALLEN - Newberg Rotary is planning to plant 50 peace poles, like the one at Francis Square, across Newberg and Dundee in coming months as part of a greater Rotary project that will plant 100 or more poles in the greater Portland region.
Feb 08, 2017

Promoting peace in Newberg

by Aaron Knapp
Local clubs will be responsible for half of the 100 poles planned as part of partnership between Rotary and city of Portland
GRAPHIC FILE PHOTO - Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery owner Christian DeBenedetti testified at a Jan. 19 public hearing at the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners in defense of his Benjamin Road business, which is under siege by neighbors for its plans to host outdoor events in the summer.
Feb 08, 2017

Newberg brewery draws ire of neighbors

by Aaron Knapp
Neighbor appeals county permit allowing Wolves & People to host agri-tourism events
PMG FILE - Yamhill County is among Oregon's top producers of Christmas trees, a commodity that would be adversely affected if America pulled out of NAFTA, officials said.
Feb 08, 2017

Talk of NAFTA repeal has businesses worried

by Pamplin Media Group
Business leaders concerned what Trump plan could do to Oregon
Feb 08, 2017

Council may weigh becoming a sanctuary city

by Aaron Knapp
Officials say state law already makes Oregon de facto sanctuary state
PMG FILE - State Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, a physician, expects to reintroduce a bill in this year's session of the Legislature that would raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.
Feb 08, 2017

Legislation would raise Oregon's smoking age to 21

by Pamplin Media Group
A state senator's bill has bipartisan support in the House and Senate
Feb 08, 2017

Residents call on state to finish bypass

by Aaron Knapp
Legislators Bill Post and Ron Noble host Jan. 30 town hall for public input
Feb 08, 2017

Cruickshank inducted into farming hall of fame

by (none)
Yamhill County farmer recognized for his years of service in the area