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Marketing tips for small businesses


Upcoming event — CCCNW welcomes guest speaker David Blanchard to monthly Newberg meeting Aug. 26 at Chamber of Commerce

Understanding the relationship between a business and its customers can be the key to unlocking success for small businesses.

David Blanchard, owner of Cognesis Marketing Concepts, knows this better than most and will be sharing his expertise at the Christian Chamber of Commerce of the Northwest’s (CCCNW) monthly networking meeting from 7:30 to 9 a.m. Aug. 26 at the Windrose Conference Center.Blanchard

Specifically, Blanchard will expound on lifecycle marketing, which analyzes the relationship between businesses and customers, and give attendees some best practices they can employ immediately.

“Attracting clients to a business is a process,” Blanchard said. “Like any other process it has steps and stages. Lifecycle breaks that whole process down into seven steps and then we talk about specific best practices that businesses use to optimize each one of those steps.”

The steps of the cycle are: attracting interest, capturing leads, nurturing leads, converting the sale, delivering and satisfying, upselling and getting referrals.

“The relationship really does go through a life cycle,” Blanchard said. “At the one end they’ve never heard of you and at the other end they’re a raving fan.”

The beauty of the lifecycle approach is creating those relationships with customers that continue to work for the business by creating word of mouth. One key, Blanchard said, is really wowing the customer during the delivering and satisfying stage.

“If we can provide an experience that’s above and beyond what they’re used to, then people will talk about it,” Blanchard said. “That’s how word of mouth spreads.”

Through the lens of lifecycle marketing, Blanchard will have attendees identify where they may be missing opportunities in their “sales funnel.”

“Every business has a sales funnel, although some businesses manage it more formally than others,” Blanchard said. “We’ll look at where opportunities leak out of that funnel and ask people to identify where the greatest opportunity is to grow their business. Then I’ll share probably a couple dozen ideas spread around the lifecycle that they can use starting immediately.”

The meeting is free to CCCNW members and $5 for non-members and guests who make reservations at www.cccnw.net. The Windrose Conference Center is located at 809 W. First St.

For more information, call John Fortmeyer at 503-537-9220, Deborah Tilden at 775-224-0717, the chamber office at 503-928-8354 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..