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February Rex Hill Rainfall


The weather this February was anything but boring. We had some sunny days and then the snow, which pretty well closed things down for several days. It was hard to get a measure of the snow depth because the north wind left some spots bare while piling the snow up in other spots.

Even so, daffodils were in bloom by the end of the month, along with pussy willows, and the frogs were singing in the neighbor’s pond.

Our tasting room manager at August Cellars is from Colorado and during our snow event had an experience he never had before. He was driving from Sherwood to the winery on Highway 99W and near the railroad overpass ended up in a snow bank because two snow plows were coming at him. They were side by side going north in the southbound lane. They didn’t even stop to see if he was OK and he had to dig himself out.

The month’s total precipitation was 5.57 inches; last year we had 1.52 inches and our February average is 4.70 inches. The driest February was in 2005 with 0.65 inches and the wettest was in 1996 with 12 inches.

Our average high temperature was 44.8 degrees, compared to last year’s 48.8 degrees, with the average low temperature at 33.4 degrees, compared to last year’s 36.6 degrees.