“Snowpocalypse” may have delayed or cancelled First Friday Art Walk for many businesses in February, but the March Art Walk is in full swing.

The March 7 event features two artists, Makoto Fujimura, whose show opened Feb. 21 at the Chehalem Cultural Center, and Brenda Somes, a newcomer to Art Walk whose art will be displayed at The Purple Cow Tasting Room. Fujimura paints in a traditional/modernist style.

Somes is a photographer, and while it may technically be a hobby, she said it’s much more than SUBMITTED PHOTO - Featured artist -- Brenda Somes, one of the featured artists at First Friday Art Walk, works in photography, but alters her images for color and textures. 'Wasilla Moon' was taken in Wasilla, Alaska. Somes will be featured Friday at The Purple Cow Tasting Room.

“Photography is both a work tool and a creative outlet for me. The basic skills of photography have helped me in wonderful ways as I assist clients with communication and graphic design projects at Ruralite Services, a company that specializes in editorial, design and media communications for publicly owned electric utilities,” Somes said. “Of course, that is editorial photography — you absolutely do not manipulate images. Your goal is to do the best possible job at attractive documentation. On my own time I let my heart and mind out to play. I’m fond of colors and textures. I like visual poetry and whimsy. I explore those elements in my art photography.”

Her pieces explore color and texture, manipulating the more common view to display perspective.

“Depending on the image and the emotions, I may do a little artistry with the image or I may do quite a lot,” she said. “I have one image called ‘Big Bunch of Happiness’ where I’m trying to capture joy, delight, the giggles of little girls stringing flowers in their hair. … The manipulation on that image looks much different than the image ‘Harlequin.’ which features grapes on the vine during their (color change) from green to dark purple. That image is more about contentment and satisfaction. It’s about the vineyard owner caring for the vines and Mother Nature nodding in approval in return.”

The second unique aspect to her work is she prints pieces on a metallic substrate.

“Either metallic paper or aluminum sheets. There’s just something about how it bounces light around, almost within the image. I love it,” Somes said. “The images on aluminum are just suspended by themselves, and nobody worries if the frame matches the rest of the décor in the room.”

Although this isn’t her first art show (she actually just finished a show at the Valley Art Gallery in Forest Grove), it’s her first appearance at Art Walk.

“I’m so excited to be a part of it. I don’t do fairs or festivals — just a few indoor shows mostly with tasting rooms, so this is a fantastic occasion for me at Purple Cow,” Somes said. “I think my only regret may be that I won’t get to join the walk and go see the other artists’ work. I’ll just have to do that next month.”

Being at Purple Cow, she said there’s one piece she has to display — “Harlequin.”

‘“Harlequin’ was shot in the Purple Cow vineyards,” she said. “Those are Tempranillo grapes (in the photo) — probably some of the actual grapes in the bottles that Purple Cow is pouring right now.”

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