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March 15 letters to the editor

The Newberg's Graphic readers weigh in on the issues of the day

Will you help a student learn about Oregon?

To the editor:March 15 letters to the editor

I am writing to you as part of a class project for the novel "The Watsons Go to Birmingham." My classmates and I are contacting newspapers around the country in a state we chose to learn more about. I would like to visit Oregon so I can watch an Oregon Ducks game and visit other interesting places that can be found in your state.

I am writing to ask your readers to write back and tell me why they like Oregon, interesting facts about the state and what visitors can do there.

They can write to Queen of Peace Catholic School, 4508 Vistula Road, Mishawaka, IN 46544.

If they could also include a copy of the newspaper where they saw my letter, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Cole Wojciechowski, Mishawaka, Indiana

Ron or Don, he will still be missed in Newberg

To the editor:

Your March 8 edition, on page A15, contained this headline: "Schools mourn loss of Ron Staples." I am sure that you will point out this error to your proof reader, but please, no harshness is necessary. I laughed, and if Don were here (oh, how I wish), he would have joined me. We both learned years ago to answer to either name, without comment.

When he was younger he was "Ron," and as he grew older and became an important part of our community, I became "Don." In fact, at his service, many people said to me "Don, I am so sorry for your loss." I can't complain, I named him. Both of us got used to the Ron/Don thing. I would also like to say thank you to all of people that helped Don through this past year, and to the hundreds that attended his service. He was the man I always wanted to be. Rest assured, I will miss him deeply until I see him again.

Ron Staples, Newberg

Godspeed to a good man

To the editor:

A memorial for Don Staples was held last Saturday. I attended with my wife and it was a beautiful testament to the life of a very good man.   I knew Don from Newberg Friends Church and played softball with him.

Truth is, I was not close to him and on the few occasions we spoke in private, my experiences netted polite but gentle rebukes from him. I have remembered them for years and am grateful to him for them because I deserved them. Don spoke truthfully to me and that is the most important thing one can do for another.

I only knew Don from a distance, but profoundly miss him now he is gone. That is the way it is with good men who walk with God. May God rest his soul.

Matt Hawblitzel, Newberg