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Oct. 2 letters to the editor


Propane cannons should be outlawed

To the editor:

Well, it is that time of year again: the infuriating blasting of propane cannons utilized by some of the vineyards in our area. Several times per minute, for three or so weeks, from dusk until dawn every day, these things blast off, echoing all around the valleys and hills. They startle people and terrify animals.

I wonder how many of the vineyard owners that employ these hellish contraptions live near their own vineyards? The guy who owns our neighboring vineyard lives in Washington.Oct. 2 letters to the editor

We have lived on our hill for more than 16 years. The vineyard has only been there about five years. Before it was planted, our neighbor was a wonderful plum orchard, which never used those barbaric cannons. It was unfenced, allowing the wildlife to travel on paths probably used for generations.

But in moved the vineyard. A fence eight feet tall was erected around the whole thing (I still see wildlife stuck inside trying to get back out), and the little forest of fir trees, along with all the old plum trees, were cut down.

The cannons started blasting three years ago. It sounds like we are under attack all day long. I hate them.

Anybody out there have a neighboring vineyard who uses one of these horrid things? If they are allowed to have events maybe you should rent one of the propane cannons and fire it off several times per minute during their event. I’m sure you have some birds you need deterred somewhere.

We are never asked if we are having a dinner party, luncheon or friends over, just constant ear-splitting booming. These rude, crude, idiotic cannons need to be outlawed.

Lori Olson, Amity