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Hit and run is no laughing matter


To the editor:

On the afternoon of Sept. 3, my son’s teen friend was biking east on Fulton Street near Friendsview Manor.

A woman in a green Dodge Intrepid was parallel parked alongside the westbound side of the street and suddenly turned out from her parking space right in front of our friend’s bike.

He flew across the hood of her car, received major road rash on both arms and shoulder and totally wrecked the front of his bike.

At this point the woman yelled “Sorry” and drove off.

A gentleman in a nearby service van came over to check on our friend and said it wasn’t his fault at all.

The son and his friends have all learned valuable lessons, one of which is to get all of the information you can at the scene of an accident.

If you know someone local with new hood damage on their green Dodge Intrepid you might want to inquire about it.

Our friends don’t know I’m writing this, but I was just too furious, sad and shocked to keep quiet.

Sue Fryer, Newberg