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Aug. 28 letters to the editor


Encourage Waste Management to maintain office

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

Citizens, again it is time to speak out and defend your rights before you lose them.

Myself and many others have had to speak with Waste Management about a bill or problem recently, only to find an 800 phone number is the only answer.

Waste Management has now closed the doors of its local office, the place where the public formerly went to work out problems or get service. The company maintains that you must now call the 800 line to talk with someone out of state.

I had a problem that the phone help line could not get fixed and finally reached someone here that cared enough to help. Without her help, I was in a Catch 22 spot and would never have gotten it fixed. We need a local office to work with.

What can we do about it? Well, we just missed the prime opportunity, but it will be around again. The city of Newberg holds the franchise power over Waste Management’s ability to operate here and increase its collection charges. There is no reason that the city of Newberg cannot require that as a condition of the franchise they maintain a walk-in office for the public. And it needs to be of significant hours to allow the use of it.

Now, what can we do to make this happen, you ask? This will not take much of your time to make this effort work. Either call or write your city councilor or, better yet, call Mayor Bob Andrews and let him know how you feel.

Why let this service leave town like the ambulance billing did many years ago? And now the water service is headed out of state also, so we can’t call with any problems or concerns.

Help stop this loss of personal contact over the bills you pay for service. Fight back with about two minutes of your time. Please help us all out.

I have tried to do my part here by telling you what we can do. There should be no reason for Waste Management to disagree with this, if the city requires it.

Thanks to all that follow through with this effort.

Roger Currier, Newberg