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July 17 Letters to the Editor: Widen Crater Lane


To the editor:

As a home owner living close to the development going in on Edgewood Drive to Crater Lane, I have a concern with the city’s approval of the decision to keep Crater Lane narrow in that area.

This street is a busy route with school children walking, riding bikes and skateboarding to get to Chehalem Valley Middle School and Antonio Crater Elementary. Young mothers with small children in strollers also walk their children to school.

Almost all children living in this neighborhood funnel to Crater to get to school, because Chehalem Drive is so busy. As it currently is, cars have to wait and yield to pass each other on Crater Lane. I believe this is a huge safety issue.

In talking to my neighbors, nobody was spoken to about this decision except for residents within a small radius which included roughly six houses. Please revisit this before making a final decision, let all neighbors know about this, not just those living close. Make this a decision for the safety of the neighborhood and not a decision just to satisfy the builder’s needs just to keep a rental home standing.

Keep Crater uniform in width and parking on both sides to allow for constant flow in traffic, safety of the community and parking.

DeeAnne Foertsch, Newberg