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Documentary looks at how social factors affect public health

Yamhill County Public Health Department launching seven-week series on Wednesday

The Yamhill County Public Health Department will launch Wednesday a seven-week documentary series that explores and addresses the underlying social issues that may impact health.

Headlined "Unnatural Causes," the seven session, four-hour documentary series "explores the possible effects of social factors on health and health care in the United States," according to a press release."

The series is designed to address "findings that suggest the social circumstances in which we are born, live and work may bring stressors of its own that can have effects on our physiology just as much as viruses and germs," the release said. "The United States is ranked 30th in life expectancy and (is) known to live shorter and sicker lives than most industrialized nations, so this brings the questions 'why?'"

The first episode, set for 5 p.m. March 8, is headlined "In Sickness and In Wealth," and will be held at McMinnville Cooperative Ministries, 544 N.E. Second St. Reservations are required at https://unnatural causes_yamhill.eventbrite.com.

As part of the series, staff of Yamhill County Public Health will lead discussions with attendees to gather input on local issues that impact health, including examining data on health factors and fostering community solutions. The ultimate goal is for the department to gather sufficient data to produce a community health improvement plan, which is updated every three years.