Final phase of construction on the long-awaited facility, completing landscaping and a parking lot, will be done in the fall

It’s been a month since the Dundee Fire Department moved into its new digs, and Chief John Stock said it’s going great.

“We’re fully moved in and operating here,” he said.

The new fire station — featuring 17,500 square feet of space — was started last summer and after many construction delays and bouts with weather, the facility was completed in July.Photo Credit: GARY ALLEN - The Dundee Fire Department's new station is completed, although paving and landscaping remain where the old station once stood on the east end of the property.

The new station includes separate rooms for cooking, cleaning gear, dressing and lounging as well as meetings, bunks, plenty of storage, which keeps everything separate from the engine bays. That space alone is 8,500 square feet, compared to the previous space reaching 7,500 square feet in its entirety. There are also new community spaces and a bunk room, something the previous station didn’t include.

“Moving forward we see the need for a 24-hour staff as the town grows,” Mayor Ted Crawford said in January.

Once the staff moved in, step two began with the demolition of the old station. That space is now being turned into the parking lot.

“They’ve just finished excavating the parking lot and bringing it to grade level with gravel,” Stock said. “It’s scheduled for completion Oct. 2.”

The lot will be paved as well as see landscaping and exterior parking lights installed.

Stock said the move went smoothly and even with the delays, they stayed within the $3.68 million budget.

“We had been preparing for months leading up to it,” he said.

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