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Club gets funding one step at a time


Dundee news — Recent grants will go toward replacing center's roof, fundraising continues

The Dundee Woman’s Club recently received $40,000 in grants from the Collins Foundation and the Meyer Trust intended to chip away at the restoration needed at the Dundee Community Center.

“They are for replacing the roof on the community center and also we have to increase the tresses because the roof is weak. They will also have to put in some tie downs to be compliant with earthquake standards,” said Joyce Colling, club president. “That will just about cover it with the money we have that we will be putting in. (The roof) wouldn’t cost that much except for the other repairs that have to be done.”by: GARY ALLEN - Construction soon - The Dundee Woman's Club was awarded two $40,000 grants to help pay for a new roof at the Dundee Community Center. Construction should start Aug. 1

Colling said they will also be able to start repairs on the foundation with the help of another small grant and funds raised. These are just the start of other major repairs needed, including new wiring, restored plumbing, replacing siding and new windows. The total cost has been estimated between $800,000 and $900,000.

“We’ve broken them down, or I should say our contractor has, so we’re taking them piece by piece as money comes in to do them,” she said. “We have quite a way to go left; we’re not up to 50 percent for sure.”

The fundraising continues with a summer dance Saturday.

“We’ll have live music and we’re hoping for a good turnout,” Colling said. The dance runs from 7 to 10 p.m. at the center with music from local band Anything Goes.

As for construction, she said it should be underway soon.

“We expect to start by the first of August,” she said. “We just have to get the bids and get everything settled.”