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Council will discuss annexation, noise permits


After initiating an annexation project earlier in the year, the Newberg City Council will hold public hearings considering two properties and placing them on the Nov. 4 ballot.

The city frequently annexes “islands” of unincorporated land surrounded by city and starts the process by meeting with property owners. This year, city officials met with several owners, but most were opposed due to the expense of connecting to city utilities. Properties at 2525 Allison Lane, owned by the Allison Inn and Spa, and 2716 Wynooski Road, owned by the city, will be discussed at the meeting.

The half-acre site owned by the Allison would change the zoning from county VLDR-1 (very low density residential) to city R-1 (low density residential). There are no plans to further develop the property.

The Wynooski property is 3.3 acres and currently has a single-family home on the land. The annexation would change the zone from county LI (light industrial) to city M-3 (heavy industrial), with a stream corridor overlay zone on the southwest corner. The public works department has not yet determined how it will use this site.

Several of the remaining “islands” have signed “consent to annex” agreements. These provide that the properties will eventually annex into the city, but the city cannot require this unless the owners sell the property or no longer reside on the land.

There will also be a public hearing concerning the Newberg municipal code. The pavement preservation project on Highway 99W between Main Street in Newberg and Highway 18

(McDougal Junction) is set to begin, but paving work must take place primarily at night due to high traffic volume, typically between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. The municipal code does not currently provide a provision to handle the noise permit request. There is a provision that allows for a three-day permit and another that provides a blanket exception, but neither are explicit in how to handle this situation.

The council will discuss adding a provision that would allow them to address anticipated noise for this project and future projects, as well as grant a permit exceeding three days, impose conditions on the variance, yet allow the city to ensure that public welfare is maintained. This provision is similar to one in place in Dundee which the city council utilized to issue a variance for the same project.

To view the agenda in its entirety, visit http://bit.ly/ 1mDqhAg. The council will meet at 7 p.m. July 7 at the Public Safety Building.