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City cuts two more spots from budget


Government — Economic development and deputy city recorder spots are cleaved from final document

In an attempt to eliminate a deficit in the city’s general fund, two additional city positions were eliminated as of June 30.

The deputy city recorder position as well as the economic development coordinator position were not funded and added to cuts made earlier to the assistant city manager and animal control positions.

Newberg City Councilor Ryan Howard said these cuts were made because of declining property tax revenue in relation to the costs of services.

“In order to maintain the levels of police and fire service, drastic actions were required,” Howard said in an email. “This included service cuts in other areas and increases in fees for city services.”

The additional cuts will save the city $102,000, $90,000 for the economic development coordinator position formerly held by David Beam and $12,000 for the deputy recorder position formerly held by Jenn Nelson.

“The cuts will have serious impacts on the level of services the city provides. Losing the deputy recorder position will result in a reduction in administrative support for the council and city mManager and delays in public information about city activities,” Howard said. “Losing the planning position that included economic development activities will obviously cost the city. Businesses wanting to locate In Newberg will lack the ability to pursue support from the city in receiving local, state, and federal support.”

Unlike the animal control position, which will be covered by the county, and the assistant city manager position, which was created a few years ago, neither the economic developer or assistant city recorder duties will be covered by other entities. The duties will be split between various remaining personnel, although Howard said the county does some economic development activities itself.

“There will be an ongoing discussion on how to restore these services,” he said.