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Argyle on its way to Newberg


Argyle Winery’s move to the former Suntron Corp. building is now underway. With concrete poured, the “heavy lifting” is complete and the Dundee winery is on its way to Newberg.

“Now we are getting into the electrical and plumbing, that kind of phase,” said Argyle winemaker Nate Klostermann. But even with the concrete poured, he said the largest element to the move is still before them. “We have to move all of our equipment over. That’s going to involve tanks, presses, de-stemmers, barrels, just to get everything in there for harvest.”by: FILE PHOTO - Moving forward - Construction on the old Suntron building is now underway as Argyle repurposed the space as a production facility.

With a tentative harvest date of September 15, there’s a lot left to be done before the new facilities are prepared to begin hosting harvest without a hitch.

“It’s coming up quick but it’s just going to be tight, so we’re trying to stick to our tight schedule here,” Klostermann said. “July is kind of our month for tearing stuff down here and picking up and moving it over there. Then we have August to set everything up, be it electrical or plumbing, so it’s in place for harvest.”

Although goals often change with construction, he said they are aiming for a September 1 completion.

The new 68,000 square foot building is much larger than their current facilities at 35,000, but Klostermann is optimistic it won’t go to waste.

“It looks huge from the outside but we use up a lot of floor space for our red fermenters. They’re little one and a half ton fermenters,” he said. “At harvest they take up an enormous amount of floor space so we’re definitely to fill that up.”

As for the fate of the old production facilities, the future is unclear.

“We have started some initial discussion of what to do with this. We’re still figuring it out,” he said. “We know we want to enhance consumer experiences, but we don’t know yet (what it means).”

Klostermann said Argyle is looking forward to calling Newberg home.

“We’re going to be the first winery within city limits,” he said. “And I think we were the first one in Dundee in 1987 so it’s kind of a cool thing.”