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Dundee exploring yard debris removal programs


Dundee news— After phasing out drop boxes, city looking into alternative disposal methods

When the city of Dundee banned the burning of yard debris in 2010, additional disposal opportunities were provided, but several issues caused the program to be phased out and a new pilot project to be tested.

“I think there was a lot of unknowns (with the original program); it was initially going to be a temporary service,” said City Administrator Rob Daykin. The program added drop boxes at four locations in the community where residents could dispose of materials, typically items they would usually burn.

“We don’t really know who’s using them, we don’t know if 20 households in Dundee, or 200 households in Dundee or people outside Dundee,” he said. “On top of that, even though we tried to make it clear what materials were accepted, invariably because it was not staffed we’d get stuff not properly disposed of, which caused issues.”

The pilot program potentially eliminated that issue by providing two extra days in May for residents to fill their yard debris containers and have them picked up.

“We thought additional cart service (would help) accomplish the same thing and may be more convenient for people with the need,” Daykin said.

Waste Management is currently analyzing the data and feedback from the pilot and may have a report ready for presentation to the City Council as soon as June 3.

“(We want) to see if customers use it, want it or not and try to get information on use and cost,” he said. “We may be doing a follow-up in the next newsletter to ask residents to comment on (if they are) favorable or not favorable of this service, because if we do incorporate this service, there will probably be some fee attached.”

For more information, visit www.dundeecity.org.