Legal profession — The attorney, sentenced to community service in 2000 after allegations leveled by a law clerk, joins the office of Hansen Law Firm

Attorney Griff Healy has returned to Newberg, this time joining the Hansen Law Firm as an “of counsel,” which Healy described as “not counsel, not a partner, not an associate, just an old guy, semi-retired working with the firm.”

During one stint working in Newberg in 2000, he serving 80 hours of community service after being charged with public and private indecency.

That year a law clerk work­ing for Healy claimed he had co­erced her into be­coming his sex slave. She al­leged the abuse took place over the course of eight months, during which time he forced her to have sex with strangers and violated her. The case concluded in June 2002 when Healy accepted a plea agreement after months of negotiations and an investigation spanning 18 months. At the time, Judge Phil Nelson, who oversaw the case, asked the victim multiple times if she accepted the plea agreement.

“What you described would have to be one of the more brutal cases I have heard in more than 10 years here,” Nelson said.

Healy denied the allegations, continuously alleging the woman had credibility issues.

In September 1999, another former clerk in Newberg alleged similar abuse. Healy again denied the allegations and a grand jury chose not to return charges when convened in April 2000.

“(The) conduct here, al­though reprehensible as presented … would be insufficient for successful prosecution,” Yam­hill County District At­tor­ney Brad Berry wrote.

As a result of the charges, Healy’s license to practice law was suspended for 60 days. His suspension and community service were both served in Nevada.

Healy re­turned to New­berg in April 2005 as a public defender and more re­cently in Sept­ember 2012 “practicing law and doing the best to help my clients,” he said.

As for his past, he said it shouldn’t be an issue.

“It was 14 years ago,” he said, declining to comment further.

Terry Hansen, with Hansen Law Firm, said they are excited to have Healy join the staff.

“We are ecstatic to have Griff join the firm,” Hansen said. “Griff is a well-established attorney who brings a wealth of practical experience. He will complement and strengthen the firm’s criminal law practices.”

Healy began work April 28 specializing in criminal defense, domestic relations and business transactions.

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