Massage therapist Ginger Ross donates time for grieving mothers after losing her own babies

When Ginger Ross suffered a loss, she said she felt herself slipping into a black hole of despair. But thinking of her boys, Rex and Rogue, she decided to find a positive and help others.

“I got pregnant through (in vitro fertilization) with twin boys and I ended up losing them at 22 weeks,” Ross said. “(Providence Newberg Medical Center) has been a godsend to us. That’s kind of where my whole business started.”by: SUBMITTED - In 
memory - Each summer, Providence Newberg Medical Center organizes a butterfly release for parents who lost infants that year. Ginger Ross said this event, among other support, inspired her to offer massages for those families.

As a massage therapist, Ross has been offering complimentary massages to women who lose children late term.

“When people were asking what I needed, I needed a massage. I needed my body to be touched. I need the healing part of that,” she said. “It’s just a big deal for a mom because your body is craving to hold a baby. My biggest thing is to allow the space for moms if they want to talk, talk. If they don’t they can cry. If it’s all relaxation, that’s fine too.”

She started Guardian Angels Massage and Bodywork a little more than a year ago, on the one-year anniversary of what would have been her boys’ birthday.

“I wanted them to be proud of who I became,” she said. “It’s been a huge community support, and healing for me too on top of it.”

In the past year, she said she’s helped a handful of mothers and has been amazed it the similarities between herself and her patients.

“I know with my second pregnancy … I was so scared of getting pregnant with twins and having complications again. I was a freak show, a nervous wreck over everything,” she said. “(A recent patient) she said, ‘I’m such a stress case right now (with a new pregnancy).’ I totally get it.”

Although she wants to help as many people as she can, Ross said she has to compliment the hospital staff.

“They have a photographer that comes in before they take the baby away and they’ll do photos for the family,” she said. “To know they were taking our babies and we’d never see them again, that was so hard. To be able to have the photos … it’s something that if it hadn’t happened to me, I’d think it was weird, but it’s been really healing for us.”

There’s also the Nora Madelyn Foundation, which Ross said pays for a lot of the help they received from the hospital, including taking care of funeral arrangements and the butterfly release ceremony every summer.

“They read the baby’s names and have parents come up and you release a monarch (butterfly),” she said. “It’s such a community support that I feel like it just needs to be brought into awareness for a lot of moms that are out there going through miscarriage or still born.”

Currently focusing on spending time with her 1-year-old, Dax, Ross said eventually she’d like to expand her reach past the Newberg community to help as many mothers as possible.

“I want it to be a support for as many people as I can, but for now my priority is my family and having enough time with my son,” she said. “As long as I know that’s peaceful and taken care of I feel the rest will come into place.”

To learn more about Guardian Angels Massage, visit guardianangelsmandb.

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