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Dundee finalizes moratorium on marijuana dispensaries


Dundee government — Ban stops Human Collective from proceeding with plans; group weighs its options, including legal action

When Dundee Mayor Ted Crawford announced the 4 to 2 in favor of banning medical marijuana dispensaries for a year, there was a notable tone of disdain in his voice.

“I think in our case we have a good applicant and the location is actually a fairly good location for it,” Crawford said. “All medical marijuana dispensaries are not created equal. I think Human Collective is the type that wants to help people get a safe, secure source of medical marijuana.”

Despite objections by Crawford and councilor David Russ, the yearlong moratorium passed at the April 24 meeting and took effect immediately, stopping Human Collective IV from moving forward with the dispensary at 1178 Highway 99W.

Before taking the final vote, the councilor Storr Nelson returned the discussion to zoning concerns.

“I really think we need to talk about how this fits into the zones we have and the zones we’re thinking about. I just want to be clear this vote tonight is not a vote of yes or no, it’s a vote of now or later,” Nelson said. “It’s been very difficult, but I hope everybody respects what we are going to decide to do.”

Councilor Jennifer Munson said she just didn’t think Dundee was ready for dispensaries. “It’s just not the right time,” she said.

Russ joined Crawford in his concerns for what kind of dispensary might take Human Collective’s place in the future.

“These people are the forefront of the industry,” Russ said. “I can tell you they are not all created equal.”

Don Morse, Human Collective managing partner, said they aren’t done.

“We’ve instructed our attorney to look for a cause of action to see if we have cause to seek an injunction to stop this,” Morse said.

Failing a cause of action, he said they are exploring other options.

“We’ve got to see what the lawyer comes up with first. We heard from a lot of people in the city of Dundee that said they support us, however they’re in fear of being public,” he said. “Literally a guy told me he’s a grower, he brings product to Human Collective in Portland, he lives (in Dundee). He wouldn’t come forward. It was the same with other business owners and people we talked to.”

Morse said they should know their plans within a week and will go public with their decision shortly thereafter.

“They haven’t heard the last of us,” he said.