Land use — Proposed changes would rezone the downtown area from C to CBD, looking to be more pedestrian oriented, friendly

After receiving a grant recently the city of Dundee has been looking forward at ways to improve the overall feel of the city and establish a sense of place. Currently, this includes rezoning the downtown area.

“Currently there are two commercial zones in Dundee, applied kind of in a scattered way along (Highway) 99W,” said Jessica Pelz, associate planner in charge of the project. “(The project) will kind of define what is Dundee’s look and feel, especially post-bypass when downtown is quieter and a nicer place to be.”

The two commercial zones are C and CBD. The current proposal would rezone all of downtown into CBD, which Pelz said is a more pedestrian friendly code.

“Basically the C zone allows things like gas stations and drive-thru’s, and CBD doesn’t,” she said. “The intent is that CBD could be more pedestrian oriented, so people will park their cars and walk around to other places.”

The proposed changes have been discussed at various planning commission meetings, stakeholders’ meetings and with the Dundee City Council. Most recently was a public workshop April 10, discussing the results of a web survey and past meetings.

“We heard the concerns of effected property owners,” Pelz said. “The next step is the planning commission workshop (April 16). Whatever the end result is going to be, right now we’re open to change, suggestions and editing.”

Some concerns expressed on the web survey, she said, were with the residential housing along Highway 99W.

“(There were) several comments about the ugly residential housing along the highway,” according to the survey. If the proposed code was adopted, these homes would be rezoned into commercial properties.

“That may be on the table to be changing and just leaving them alone, but we’re definitely taking that feedback from residents to the City Council,” she said.

Being open to change and amendments means the final result could be a ways off, but Pelz said they are hopping to have a revised version reading for the public hearing process in June or July.

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