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Dundee government: Bring on the chickens


Government — Dundee ordinance changed allowing Babica Hen to keep chickens

Thanks to a change in a city ordinance, Babica Hen in Dundee will be flush with chickens. Six of them anyway.

“We have an acre and a half garden plot adjacent to our property. We wanted to put chickens out there. Luckily our gardener is very diligent in her research, I would’ve just put the chickens out there,” said owner Joe Buck. “She found out the current law in Dundee reads you can have chickens on residential zoning (which my land is), but there has to be a dwelling on it.”

As a garden, the space was dwelling free, which Buck said meant they would have to go further with the issue to find a resolution. He went to the mayor and the City Council.

“They were very supportive,” he said.

Ordinance 529-2014, referring to keeping chickens, added “or owner of a parcel having a garden with an area greater than 5,000 square feet,” to the wording, which allows Babica Hen to legally keep chickens.

“The new ordinance takes effect at the end of month, then we’ll be able to legally put the chickens out there at that point,” Buck said. “We’re ready for them.”

The Araucanas, Barred Rocks and Buff Orpingtons — two of each — will be used for eggs.

“We’ll get about 40 eggs a week and (we’re) definitely not be using them for the meat,” Buck said. “We’ll have them out there (for observation), we built a nice house for them and a very large enclosed run for them to live in.”

He said he can’t say enough about the positive experience he had working with the city on the problem.

“I can’t say enough about how cooperative Mayor Ted (Crawford) and (City Manager) Rob Daykin and the entire City Council were in making this go through,” Buck said. “The city of Dundee is very supportive of its business community and they’re willing to really go the extra mile to make Dundee a special place for the people who come out here.”

Crawford said his only concern is that chickens might start popping up all over the place, but with the large space requirement, it’s not likely.