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Living sustainably, with a little fun thrown in


Local farm opens business, looking to empower others, embracing alternative living

Becky Emmons has a lot of plans. With one grown daughter and the other graduating high school this spring, she’s looking to help others and thinks she can do just that with her expanding business, R&J Riverbrook Farm.

“A lot of people in this area do backyard farming,” Emmons said. “And that’s kind of what I do. I’ve always gardened, I don’t think I’ve been in any house where I didn’t have a garden.”by: SUBMITTED - Farming - With the recent acquisition of a business license, Becky Emmons has started teaching classes in a variety of subjects. Last month she hosted an herbal spa class demonstrating new, natural ways to care for the skin.

But the farm is more than just a garden. Starting with one goat in 2010, Emmons now has a small herd of goats (with two more on the way this month), a brood of chickens, a horse, a sizeable garden spread, and a way to live sustainably.

“I have lots of ideas and I feel like a pretty creative person. I do a lot of reading, researching and have a lot of skills from the way I grew up,” she said. “People want to know that kind of stuff (living sustainably). So in January, I said ‘I’m going to step off the cliff and get a business license and see how it falls.’”

So far she’s mastered goat milk soap and lotions, sells eggs and milk — along with the animals they come from — and is looking to add classes this summer.

“I did a couple of things last fall to get my toe in the water and really enjoyed it and people enjoyed it,” Emmons said.

She’s even leading a wildflower hike in a couple of weeks around her property with ideas for gardening classes, cooking classes and soap making workshops being tossed around.

“It started with me wanting to change things in my life and as I get happy and filled, it flows out to other people,” she said. “I just feel like there’s a huge group of people who are wanting something different. I think that wave is coming. I’ve been doing it for several years and feel I’m in a place to do that. I feel this opportunity is now for me to open the door.”

She said, mostly, she wants to empower people.

“I just want people to know there’s something different, you don’t have to go to the mainstream,” Emmons said. “I’m a Christian and I believe God gave us everything we need right here for wealth and well-being.”

But with so many ideas, she said she’s still getting organized.

“I should probably consolidate,” she said. “But I have lots of passion for it. I think change happens one person at a time.”

For more information about Emmon’s farm, her products or upcoming classes, email her at [email protected] com or visit her Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/1o2FTwj.