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Student will follow her call to go!


Mission — George Foxs Amberly Vincent prepares to embark on an 11-month journey as part of World Race

By Sarah Brase for The Newberg Graphic

The quest for adventure is often enough to encourage people to travel overseas and it is common that people returning from an enjoyable trip abroad come home with the infectious “travel bug”— an avid desire to continue traveling.

When George Fox University student Amberly Vincent first heard about the opportunity to join the World Race, an 11-month missions expedition to 11 countries, she understood the commitment needed to be rooted in more than a bite from this bug, but rather a sense of calling and purpose to “go.”

After two trips to Kenya, beginning her junior year in high school, Vincent felt her call to missions was clear. by: GARY ALLEN - Trekker - Amberly Vincent will begin her World Race experience in July when she begins with a week of training in Georgia, then joins 80 travelers traveling to 11 countries over the course of 11 months.

“I thought (God’s) plan was for me to be in Africa,” she said. “But the more I thought about it, the more I felt he was saying, ‘No, you should explore other places.’”

Vincent said she prayed for wisdom before making a commitment: “I wanted to hear God’s voice distinctly tell me this was the path for me to take.”

The lyrics of the song “Called Me Higher” by All Sons & Daughters provided her with direction and revelation.

“I could be safe here in your arms and never leave home, never let these walls down. But you have called me higher, you have called me deeper ...”

“I realized, ‘Wow!’ This is actually my choice,” she said. “It is such a blessing I have the freedom to make this decision! If I choose to stay God will love me and work through me; but as the lyrics say, I’ll go where you will lead me Lord. It reminded me he has been preparing me to go!”

Vincent is now a committed World Race participant. She is preparing for her launch in July, which begins with a week of training in Georgia. Eighty travelers will join Vincent on her route, beginning in Albania, then continue on to Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, India, Nepal, China and ending the 11th month in Mongolia. The groups are divided into smaller teams of eight, with whom she will travel to specific cities within each country.

According to its website, the World Race mission trip is a “challenging adventure for young adults (ages 21-35) to abandon worldly possessions and a traditional lifestyle in exchange for an understanding that it’s not about you, it’s about the Kingdom.”

With their mission to reach the biblical directive of “the least of these,” some projects may include teaching classes, building, visiting orphanages and befriending girls involved in prostitution.

“(I am) excited for the challenge to learn how to be flexible and adaptable and deal with hard emotions ... and talk about Jesus and love people,” she said.

Vincent has been working to raise the necessary $16,285 in funds needed for her 11-month journey. Several financial deadlines must be met before Vincent’s launch. All racers must be fully funded upon reaching the halfway mark of the trip.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of support I’ve received,” she said, adding that she has sent support letters, sold T-shirts, created a coin drive and has asked others to join in the 11n11 campaign — donating 11 dollars for 11 months to raise money.

“I want the GFU community to know they are totally invited to be a part of this adventure with me by asking questions and reading my blog,” she said. “But what will never fail to be the most supportive thing would be prayer. It’s so powerful and I/my team are definitely going to need it.”

Traveling with nothing more than a 65-liter backpack and a day pack weighing 50 pounds or less (which includes a tent, general backpacking necessities, and two outfits), Vincent’s light load allows her to focus on why this journey is so significant.

“When we step out of our comfort zones we can learn so much about ourselves and about God. I would challenge people to take that step and see what happens,” she said.

“I can think of a whole list of people who would be better at this than I would; yet God keeps pushing me toward it, giving me experiences and relationships that show me that this is the next thing he has planned for me.”

To follow Vincent’s Race or to provide support, visit her blog at http://amberlyvincent.theworldrace.org.