Local couple seeks communitys help in finding a lost heirloom

Sometimes mistakes are made. You don’t always know how they happened and looking back may wish you had done things differently. But in reality, the only thing to do is accept that it happened and move on.

For Lisa and Eddie Broadwell, this is the first step.

Last summer, the Broadwells decided to clear out Lisa’s parents’ house, taking advantage of the 2nd Street Community Church “Mexico Work & Witness” garage sale. Her parents had recently died and as hard as it was to donate their belongings, it was the first step to moving on emotionally before selling the house.

Moving up from California, her parents only brought two pieces of furniture: an old piano her grandparents saved from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and a large table they had before they were married. The table was a round oak variety with the legs cut down to coffee table height. by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Seeking lost heirloom - The table pictured was accidently           donated during a 2nd Street Community Church garage sale. Owner Lisa Broadwell is trying to find the couple who purchased it last summer.

“I remember the story of cutting the legs off so when I was born it would be safe for me to move around …,” Lisa said. “It’s been in our family that whole time. I think there’s just certain pieces of furniture people have a strong attachment too.”

So when the tagging process began to identify furniture that would be transported to the church garage sale, it made sense that the table and piano would be spared. Lisa would keep the piano and her sister in California would take the table.

“That table is the only piece of furniture my sister, there’s only two of us, had requested from my parent’s estate,” she said. “It’s a very emotional piece of furniture for her.”

Last week, Lisa was in her parent’s house — the first time since the sale — and noticed something was missing. The round table wasn’t in the living room as it should have been.

“It sent us into a panic,” Lisa said. “Walking through the process, I was thinking, ‘I doubt someone broke into the house and stole one thing.’ Unfortunately that meant that the table was gone. I’ve called my sister who is beyond emotionally upset. She’s very hurt and emotionally upset that we lost the one family heirloom she wanted.”

So they are hoping the community can help. Trained private detectives, Lisa and Eddie said they started working backward. After talking with the church, they learned the table was sold at the May sale. Although the identity of the person who purchased the table was unknown, they were able to learn a few details.

“We know it was a young couple, they live in Newberg, they’re in early 20s and (are) not part of the church,” Lisa said.

Eddie said they also learned that one of the table legs fell off at the sale and had to be reattached before the couple could leave.

“To us it was very important and absolutely mistakenly put on the truck that day,” Lisa said. “And I’d like to make an effort to find it.”

The Broadwells are asking for anyone who has information about the table’s whereabouts, or who might know the couple who purchased the table, to get in touch.

“We’d be willing to pay for it, willing to do whatever it took to get it back,” she said.

Anyone with information can call Lisa at 503-537-4430.

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