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Newberg No. 4 for safety, brokerage says


Public safety — Sherwood comes in at No. 2 in rankings of the safest cities in the state

Movoto Real Estate has ranked Sherwood as the No. 2 safest city in the state, tying with Wilsonville for the ranking, it was announced Feb. 25. Newberg was rated right behind the neighboring cities, at No. 4.

The ranking was based on the FBI’s 2012 Oregon Crime Report, where the online real estate brokerage firm ranked the safety of cities in the state with a population of 10,000 or more residents.

It based its selection on three criteria: numbers of violent crimes, numbers of property crimes and the chance a resident will be a victim of crime. The organization then ranked those cities with the lowest numbers of incidents providing information for the list.

“This Washington County city was originally and indirectly named after Sherwood Forest in England, which, as we all know, was protected from forces of evil by Robin Hood and his Merry Men; so it really does seem that the name is fitting,” a Movoto reporter writes on the brokerage’s (which is based in San Mateo, Calif.) website. “Of course, the criminal justice system here is a bit different than ‘steal from the rich, give to the poor,’ but whatever they are doing, it is clearly working.”

Movoto reported that Sherwood had only 11 violent crimes reported out of 255 total crimes in 2012, for a city with a population of 18,699. Newberg followed with 23 violent crimes out of 444 reported in 2012, with a population of 25,613. “To put that into perspective for you, this means that residents only had a 1 in 1,114 chance of being the victim of a violent crime,” the reporter wrote. “Like I said, not bad at all.”

City Manager Joe Gall said he was pleased with the ranking.

“We know that Sherwood is a great community for many different reasons, but being a safe city is one that I frequently hear from residents,” Gall said.

Sherwood Police Chief Jeff Groth, also said he was not surprised by the ranking.

“The Sherwood Police Department knows that the community, including residents and businesses, take their safety seriously, and so do we,” he said. “The community historically has always made investments to create and maintain a strong service-oriented and proactive police department and those investments have paid off.”