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A beer aficionados dream come true


Are you headed to the neighbor’s house for dinner and feel you should bring libations to complement the food? You needn’t worry. Nap’s Thriftway has enough choices of beer to, literally, fill the room.

The store’s owner, Rich Peterson, and store buyer Harold Moore decided recently to increase the selection of beer brands available to customers to 839. by: GARY ALLEN - Selection -- Several times a week Bryan Hawes, a Maletis Beverage distributor, stocks the revised beer cooler at Nap's Thriftway. The 22-ounce bottles are becoming a popular way for consumers to try a new brew at a reasonable cost. Nap's beer cooler has 839 brands to choose from.

Enhancing Nap’s beer cooler was a conversation Moore and Peterson discussed over the course of six months.

“It began with three doors and then (they) finally decided to go all out,” said store manager Mitch Haight.

After making the decision to become a choice destination for beers, ales and ciders, Nap’s management told its beer distributors what their vision was for the beer cooler and the distributors set everything up in the back of the First Street store.

“The market for beer is trending toward local crafts so Nap’s is ahead of the trend and (has) the largest selection of beer in Yamhill County,” said Maletis Beverages representative Tom Bischof. Bischof drew up the design for the layout of the display.

The beer selection behind the cooler doors begins with Yamhill County breweries on the left and then expands to regional beers in the middle section with imports on the right.

According to a press release, there are seven aisle doors with 48 22-ounce bottles per door on the outside and the cooler inside has more than 250 beers to choose from in six and 12 packs.

“So far we have had great customer feedback (on the selection),” Haight said.

Peterson is calling the display “a beer destination store.” The store added 323 beers totaling an estimated $30,000 in beer inventory.

“We could say we have the coldest beer in town, but that does not matter this time of year,” Moore said. “The coolest things about the (beer) cooler is customers will come up looking and they seem to enjoy the choices.”

According to Bischof the closest beer destination to compare is an IGA store in McMinnville.