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Small Business Saturday is largely overlooked in Newberg


Commerce — With only one known business participating, Velour hopes to start the local trend

What started with Black Friday has slowly been expanding further into last weekend and through this week. This includes Small Business Saturday (held Nov. 30), which saw only one Newberg business participating.

Velour co-owner Amy Brittell said she hadn’t heard of the event until she found out they were participating.

“I’d never even heard about Small Business Saturday before, but from different businesses (the other co-owners) are following on Instagram,” Brittell said. “It’s a thing now, just saying, ‘Hey you’re done shopping commercially now come and support small businesses.”’

This was the first year Velour held Small Business Saturday events, which essentially was a 15 percent discount on merchandise, the same as for Black Friday the day prior.

“I think it went really well, we actually had one of our busier days on Saturday so I think people definitely came in for that,” she said. “Saturday actually did better than Friday.”

She said all they did to promote the event was use a logo “someone was passing around,” and post it on social media.

“In Newberg I didn’t hear of anyone else doing it,” Brittell said. “I think it’d be cool if that caught on.”

Mike Ragsdale, executive director of the Newberg Downtown Coalition, said he hadn’t heard of any other participants either.

She added that she doesn’t think the concept is something that many people know about, but there were some customers who came in and knew about the idea.

What was odd, Brittell said, was customer flow on Cyber Monday.

“I actually noticed on Cyber Monday we were really slow, which is not normal,” she said. “So I was like, you know I bet everyone was Cyber Monday shopping at home. Either that or they’re just pooped out from shopping over the weekend.”

Regardless, she said it’s something Velour plans to continue in the future, and will hopefully see other local businesses join in.