Culture — Establishing a work plan, website and outdoor space rules among topics addressed

The Newberg Cultural District Executive Board held its first meeting Nov. 5 to develop a work plan as well as a specific vision for its website.

The website, www.newberg, has been purchased, but board chairwoman Leah Griffith said it still needed to be built and how the monthly service fee would be handled needed to be established.

“There’s a lot of little things,” she said.

At the meeting it was established that Chehalem Cultural Center staff are working on the website and it should be launched in basic form by December. They are also looking into purchasing the “.com” version of the web address.

During the next few months the board will work on developing rules for use of outdoor spaces — which includes evaluating current rules held by the separate entities, improving calendar functionality, procedures for events that require a parking action plan around the CCC, and methods of communication with the neighborhood and community.

For now, at least, these methods will not include social media, at CCC Executive Director Rob Dailey’s recommendation.

“The Newberg Cultural District is simply a geographical identifier, a place, and not an entity. It is a place that is co-owned and co-managed by several actual entities,” said Dailey, who also serves as the NCD secretary. “There will always be some entity that has initiated and will promote the activity on its own — whether that is the library and the Cultural District in partnership or an outside party like a Rotary Club.”

Dailey said the NCD itself doesn’t have anything to promote, so creating a social media campaign would be redundant.

“The district’s website is an information hub, where the public will be able to find information about the district, link to district partners’ websites, see a calendar of district activities, find forms, etc.,” he said. “None of this needs to be ‘pushed’ on the public. Besides, all the district entities already maintain a social media presence.”

For the next meeting, scheduled at 6 p.m. Dec. 3 at the CCC, the library and CCC will have developed their baseline daily use numbers for discussion.

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