New business — New hot dog cart expands to a dine-in, taking advantage of opportunities

Café Diva Dogs turned what could have been a bad situation into an opportunity.

After Home Depot started terminating food vendor contracts, Café Diva Dogs was forced to relocate from its space at the Beaverton home improvement to a new location — Newberg.

“We were the second to last in the state,” said Diva Dogs manager Scott Santrizos. “It was a really good location. It’s hard to beat that kind of foot traffic.”

But he said things happen for a GARY ALLEN - Gone to the dogs - Café Diva Dogs was forced to relocate after their contract with Home Depot was terminated, but an open building in Newberg has allowed them to open a dine-in location at 203 Villa Road.

“A building became available and we had been pondering doing a dine-in location,” he said.

So they moved their cart to the former Mike’s Pharmacy building at 203 Villa Road in Newberg. Since the pharmacy took up residence next door in a building that formerly held a 7-11 store, its former location has housed a series of businesses, including a coffee house and a wine tasting room.

“We started Labor Day weekend, but we didn’t expect to open the cart so soon,” Santrizos said. “We thought we’d give people a taste (before opening the dine-in location).”

Pending remodeling and inspections, Santrizos said the business hopes to open in its new digs the first week in November.

“If everything goes smoothly,” he said.

As for the food cart, he said they are hoping to find a space for it in Beaverton, where they had been for the past five years and developed a local clientele.

“If not we’ll keep the cart for catering and do more local events,” he said.

With the expanded kitchen space of a dine-in restaurant, Santrizos said they will expand their menu from the 18 or more hot dogs they already offer on a daily basis.

For now, he said the city has been really welcoming to their business.

“It’s getting better and better every day,” he said. “It’s not something (that’s been) done before, especially with the variety and selection we have.”

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