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Fresh flowers for all seeking a splash of color


New flower cart provides fresh flowers and a lesson on their benefits

Blue poppies don’t actually exist, but Suzanne Meadows said that makes her new flower cart’s name even more special.

“Now it’s more interesting because it’s this whimsical thing,” Meadows said.

“The Blue Poppy” debuted this month selling flower bouquets out of a brightly-painted yellow cart.by: GARY ALLEN - Coming up roses -- Suzanne Meadows started her flower cart,  'The Blue Poppy,' out of a passion for flowers and a desire to provide fresh flowers for Yamhill County. Her cart can be found outside Janis Jewelry and Gifts every Saturday.

“I’m really excited to be offering beautiful flowers to Yamhill County,” she said. “I thought there was a need (due to grocery store flowers being wilted by the weekend), so I started this.”

Meadows gets her flowers locally, picking them herself or cutting them from her own garden. She said she likes to tie in her biology background as a registered nurse to let customers know how to keep their flowers alive, as well as the benefits to their mental health and well being.

“I have a passion for flowers, design and color that’s been flowing in my brain for years,” she said. “I feel part of the community offering something to people and I’m looking forward to expanding, maybe eventually retiring and have a flower boutique.”

For now, she said she’s trying to expand by partnering with local businesses to make gift packages. For example, she contacted The Sweetest Thing cupcake shop looking to make packages for little girls’ birthday parties.

The Blue Poppy takes form as a refurbished bread cart and sits outside Janis Jewelry and Gifts on First Street every Saturday with the store mascot Karma — Meadows’ pug. Ready-made bouquets are $12, with gift assortments in vintage jars selling for either $5 or $10.

“They will never be more than $12,” she said.

Next season, Meadows said she hopes to include more flowers from her own garden, which means this fall she plans to turn her raised beds into space for more flowers.

But one day, if she can set up shop, she wants to include terrariums, fairy gardens and, potentially, classes for children.

“I’m just excited to be able to do this,” she said.