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Rex Hill Rainfall - August 2013


This August had cooler days and warmer nights than a year ago. Our average daily high temperature was 81.1 degrees, compared to last year’s 82.4 degrees. The average low temperature was 56.8 degrees, compared to last year’s 55.5 degrees. We had one day with a high of 90 degrees or more; last year we had eight. It was also a bit more humid than usual, as evidenced by the cloudy mornings and the muggy feeling in the afternoons.

It looked like we were going to have another dry month, but some good showers near the end of the month changed that with 0.71 inches of precipitation. Our August average is 0.78 inches. The wettest August was in 1968 with 3.76 inches.

We spent several partial days watering our newly-planted walnut trees. It involved adding a faucet to the drain line of the orchard sprayer and using a hose to drain several gallons of water around the base of each tree. On several trees it took quite a bit of water as it appeared to go down a gopher hole. I know of one newly-planted filbert orchard nearby where there is a plastic bucket with a small hole in the bottom for slow watering of the trees.

by Lewis Schaad, for The Newberg Graphic