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New boutique is thrifting for the environment


Taylor Renees Boutique and Thrift Shop embraces reuse factor of shopping

If it wasn’t for the electronic girl “Veronica” outside, you’d almost miss it. A new women’s boutique and thrift shop, Taylor Renee’s now sits next door to Trading Post NW — Taylor Renee Booth's father’s store. by: GARY ALLEN - Old is better - Taylor Renee's Boutique and Thrift Shop embraces thrift shop culture by encouraging shoppers to buy used instead of expensive new clothing.

Booth, 20, opened her shop a month ago with the inspiration of embracing the thrift shop culture and what it represents.

“I’m super passionate about the environment, which is another thing that turned me on to thrifting,” she said. “You don’t need to buy new clothing. People have so much in their closets that they wear twice, so why would you go buy something new when you can do that?”

To prepare for her opening, Booth said she worked at TJ Maxx to learn about retail, before convincing her father to let her turn the storage space into a shop.

“I begged him to open this store and came to him with a business plan,” she said. “Finally he said yes. It was a really fast process, a two month thing. We cleared out, got inventory and opened up.”

She said she’s obsessed with fashion, and although she’s going to Portland Community College for environmental studies, in some way she’s always wanted to follow in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps.

“Even if it didn’t work out, I thought it would be a super fun project and an opportunity to learn way more than I would in a classroom,” Booth said. “But because my father does own businesses, I couldn’t pass it up.”

Actually finding inventory came easily, she said.

“I did a lot of (garage sales) to get my inventory and I got a lot of donations; I also buy clothing here,” she said.

Although at the moment she has so much stock she had to stop buying for the time being.

Booth said her month-old business is slow-growing, but she hopes her method of advertising will help that along.

“My Face­book page is fun. I’m trying to set up my website, but do more like a fashion blog,” she said. “I want to have local girls come in to model clothing to see what I have. And it’s nice because I list on there that those are actual things I have in my store. So if you see something you like, like ‘I love that top,’ you can come buy it.”

For now, the store’s hours are limited, as Booth is the sole employee and she structured the hours around her class schedule. The shop is open noon to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and noon to 5 p.m. Saturday.

For more information about Taylor Renee’s Bou­tique and Thrift Shop, located at 2305C S.W. Portland Road, visit taylorrenees.com.