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The city wants to know what you think


Local government — Newberg mayor endorses online survey described as confidential and voluntary, but highly valued

The city of Newberg is conducting what it hopes will become an annual “citizens’ survey,” polling local residents on their opinions about everything from the way government officials spend constituents’ tax dollars to the quality of the city’s drinking water.

The survey, which will close Aug. 30, is being offered online, with a small number (because of budget constraints) of print copies being mailed to local residents at random. In either format, responses are private and confidential.

“The city is not tracking who submits survey responses,” a letter from Mayor Bob Andrews explaining the survey said. “Only raw data in order to ensure confidentiality and certainty in the surveying techniques. Participation in this survey is voluntary but highly valued.”

The survey consists of six multipart questions that ask respondents to rate their satisfaction of various aspects of the city or Newberg government, including quality of life; city services such as police, fire, library, transportation, code enforcement and planning and zoning; government performance and city employees.

“We’re pretty much asking the citizens what they think about the services the city is providing,” said Brittney Jeffries, the city’s new public affairs officer. “Essentially, the citizens are our bosses, and we want to be able to serve them as best we can.”

The survey also calls on respondents to rank city services on their perceived level of importance and asks which actions they would be more likely to support to address possible funding shortfalls, including reducing the level of city services or raising taxes or user fees.

The survey also asks how residents would prefer to receive information from the city (email, social media, phone calls, texts, etc.) and includes eight basic demographic questions regarding respondents’ living arrangements, employment status, age group, income level, marital status, gender and ethnicity.

“We tried to cover as much as possible without it being too lengthy,” Jeffries said.

The survey may be found online at the city’s website, www.newbergoregon.gov. For more information, contact Jeffries at 503-537-1201 or brittney. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..