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Finding Value in Footwear: Making a Good Cost/Benefit Call

Brought to you by Tim McDaniel, Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair - SHOES INSIDER

SHOE MATES FOOTWEAR AND REPAIR - Tim McDanielGood value in footwear protects your wallet while letting your feet thank you every time you walk on them. Quality with friendly service is the new zeitgeist again.

Durable, stylish, comfortable, environmentally friendly: Please consider why and how Birkenstocks could be around for almost 250 years and are the best cost/benefit call for so many millions of human feet every century? Johann Birkenstock founded the company in 1774, some time before the Declaration of Independence in America. But, by the 1960's it was time for another revolution when Birkenstocks shored in America and became instantly popular because of their graceful beauty (hint: it was really due to their foot health benefits and competitive cost/benefit).

Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair offers this must-have footwear; feet and syles have evolved over the ages but real leather is still built upon a cork foot bed. This casual and classy comfort is very helpful for insole relief and durability. These Birkenstocks will provide smiles with good looks and newly crafted styles.

We carry classics and fashion forward styles never before released in America. All styles have the classic Birkenstock contoured cork foot bed with lots of toe room in a cradling heel cup and shock-absorbing sole that is perfect for sprinting to the bus or to your locker. For every step you make--a walk step, a hiker step--the Birkenstock contoured cork foot bed will position your foot and ankles in comfortable class.

Because Shoe Mates is also an authorized Birkenstock repair shop, our expert cobblers will repair your Birkenstocks to last another generation. Like a fine wine, most Birkenstocks look better with age. Always the rustic and fashionable footwear with world class comfort, they are not just for the tie-dyed 1960's; wear a Mercedes on your feet for under $100. Come feel the quality that has not gone away since 1774.