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'Work Tough and Smart and Feel Good about It' is the Redback Way

Brought to you by Tim McDaniel, Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair - SHOES INSIDER

SHOE MATES FOOTWEAR AND REPAIR - Tim McDanielJust into our showroom from down under is the incredible line of Redback Boots and Shoes. These 100% authentic, Australian-made footwear are crafted from top-of-the-line outback cowhide and feature a safe, comfortable design for hard working people. Redbacks are a morning, noon and night kind of boot. Australians wear them to breakfast, lunch, dinner, church, funerals, and then to bed.

Redbacks are the preferred footwear worn in every winery: they are also approved for municipalities, automotive techs, and law enforcement, as well as Oregon's outdoor recreation enthusiasts.

The inspired, slip-resistant design of Redbacks is built to be durable and provides maximum insole support and comfort, reducing foot fatigue, and related leg and back pain! Redbacks come in a variety of styles featuring work boots, low-cut, oxford style shoes, safety boots, and of course the iconic slip-on boots, because you never really know when you may have a fire to put out!

Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair has everything you need to keep Redbacks looking as good as new for years to come! Our home-care kits and great selection of everything from leather treatments, laces and shoe polishes to insoles and socks will ensure that your feet and footwear are well taken care of.

And when someone needs their purse or footwear repaired as in "the dog ate your sandals," our repair shop can help your favorite pair last yet another generation. For Redback, Birkenstock, Red Wing and lots more come see us today.

For high-quality footwear at reasonable prices without the long drive or online shopping puzzles please come visit Shoe Mates today! With hometown service and genuine in-store foot sizing, we carry a diverse selection of great shoes and boots, available to you seven days a week. "Work Tough and Smart and Feel Good about It" at Shoe Mates Footwear and Repair in downtown McMinnville!