More foster homes needed in Jefferson County

Many children are being sent out of the county due to lack of local foster homes.

MADRAS PIONEER PHOTO - Signs are being placed around town to draw attention to the need.Jefferson County is in need of foster homes, and has had to place more than 30 children out of county due to lack of homes in this area.

The number of Jefferson County foster children increased from 34 in 2014, to 84 in 2016.

The number one reason for removal in Oregon is neglect, and the second highest reason is a parent's drug abuse.

Other reasons children enter foster care include inability to cope at home, inadequate housing, physical abuse, domestic violence, incarceration of a parent, parent alcohol abuse, child's behavior, sexual abuse, abandonment, child's disability child drug abuse, the death of a parent, child alcohol abuse and relinquishment.

"Our greatest need for homes are families who are willing and able to foster sibling groups, children with high needs, and teens," said foster home certifier Roya Leriche.

"More than 20 percent of children will have to move at least three times while in foster care. They do better with fewer moves," she added.

Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent can call Cherie Ferguson at 541-548-9480.

Yard signs calling attention to the need are also being placed around town, and people can scan the QR square with their phone for more information.