Letters to the Editor

Writers wonders why the Jefferson County Fire Department had to initiate fees.

Why the fees?

I have some questions for the Jefferson County Fire District No 1. According to the reader board at the fire station, it now will cost me $25 for a burning permit. My math is not the greatest, but let's see. In December it was $0 and now it is $25 to get a piece of paper that says I can burn in my back yard. So that is an increase of 250 percent.

Does it really cost $25 to give me this piece of paper? If not, where does the rest of the money go? When was the public hearing? Did I have a direct representative on the board that voted for this increase? Or is it taxation without representation? Will this $25 piece of paper really make my fire safer? If I fail to get this $25 piece of paper, what are the legal ramifications and penalties? Does the fire district really have the authority to inflict these penalties?

I realize that there is one time during the year that the fire district will take my yard waste, but the trouble is that I have yard waste all through the year. Every time there is a strong wind, I have a pile of branches and I don't want to save them for a year. I would really appreciate some clear and complete answers to these questions.

Sue Rahi