Letters to the Editor


Some thanks for the snow removal crew in Culver, and from the migrant workers' Santa

Thanks, Culver snow crew

"Let it snow, let it snow" is not always a celebration when you are aged and/or disabled. We are celebrating this holiday season with humility thanking those snow heroes who quietly stepped up to the plate to help us during this recent challenging weather.

We have a handsome snow elf in our neighborhood who goes around with his snow blower that he and another neighbor (Bill Perks) bought. He clears all of his neighbor's driveways without compensation. His name is John Clanton. Thank you John!

Culver prioritizes their snow plowing by the doing main roads first, secondary streets next. I called city hall and asked if our street could be put on top of secondary street list because of an important medical treatment. Even with the city breakdown of equipment, they saved the day. Chris Funk even came to the door to make sure all was well. Thank you Chris!

Then when the time came to drive the car out into the street, yet another neighbor came to my husband's rescue (who is 81 years old) with his shovel and helped him finish clearing the snow plow debris. Thank you Mr. Larson!

In the process of getting to an important medical treatment, we witnessed the value of living in Culver and having people around who put their kindness into action. We give you all a heartfelt "thank you" for the work and coordination of all of these snow heroes. I made my appointment. God bless them!

Sandra Ihrig


Migrant workers' Santa ready to retire

Dear Madras community, I would like to extend my gratitude for your generosity for all the help and contributions received for the migrant workers' toy drive. It is with your help that I was able to put smiles on so many kids' faces.

I'm starting to get close to that time where I might want to take a break. However, my son will be taking over the responsibilities for the toy drive. I hope you all will continue to provide him with the same generosity and help that you have given me throughout the years.

Jesse Rodriguez Sr.