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OHSET: Molalla strives to win again


Molalla's equestrian team places multiple times at second Tri-River Valley Meet.

by: PHOTO COURTESY OF AMY EDWARDS - Fallon Child, who celebrated his 18th birthday at the meet on March 15, 2014. The second Tri-River Valley OHSET meet took place at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds last week. Competition began on Thursday, March 13, with the final events on Sunday, March 16.

Molalla’s team did well, with riders placing high and the team even sweeping the top three spots in individual flags.

“I think the Molalla team made a huge improvement from last meet to this meet,” Coach Nick Meuret said. “They keep progressing and are making this coach very proud.”

Molalla took first in their first meet of the season, last month, when they racked up 701 points. At that meet, behind Molalla was Oregon City with 534 points.

The final team points weren’t available for the second meet at press time, but Meuret said he was fairly sure Molalla took first place again.

Molalla's top placers

Driving 1st Dominique Bangle

Hunt Seat Equitation 1st Dominique Bangle

9th Abby Keep

In-Hand Obstacle Relay* 3rd Abby Keep, Emily Haak, Kaila Hill, Dominique Bangle

In-Hand Trail 3rd Dominique Bangle

7th Abby Keep

Reining 4th Garrett Veltman

Showmanship 6th Dominique Bangle

Trail Equitation 3rd Abby Keep

Western Horsemanship 2nd Dominique Bangle

7th Abby Keep

Working Pairs* 9th Shawnee Gibbons, Courtney Green

Working Rancher 1st Garrett Veltman

Barrels 1st Faith Lencioni

5th Cheyenne Gibbons

6th Paige Kapelski

9th Shawnee Gibbons

9th Taris Krutsch

Keyhole 3rd Kenra DeAngelis

4th Coletin Defabio

6th Lexi Shirley

7th Paige Kapelski

10th Courtney Green

Figure 8 2nd Faith Lencioni

3rd Courtney Green

4th Kenra DeAngelis

9th Shawnee Gibbons

Pole Bending 2nd Shawnee Gibbons

3rd Faith Lencioni

4th Kenra DeAngelis

5th Cheyenne Gibbons

8th Courtney Green

Individual Flags 1st Kenra DeAngelis

2nd Lexi Shirley

3rd Fallon Child

5th Paige Kapelski

7th Faith Lencioni

Canadian Flags* 2nd Faith Lencioni, Paige Kapelski, Taris Krutsch, Kenra DeAngelis

5th Shawnee Gibbons, Garrett Veltman, Fallon Child, Dominique Bangle

8th Codi Edwards, Coletin Defabio, Lexi Shirley, Courtney Green

Two Man Birangle* 2nd Faith Lencioni, Kenra DeAngelis

4th Courtney Green, Dominique Bangle

5th Shawnee Gibbons, Garrett Veltman

Team Penning* 3rd Faith Lencioni, Fallon Child, Kenra DeAngelis

4th Lexi Shirley, Emily Haak, Courtney Green

5th Shawnee Gibbons, Coletin Defabio, Dominique Bangle

6th Garrett Veltman, Paige Kapelski, Taris Krutsch

Steer Daubing 4th Cheyenne Gibbons

7th Shawnee Gibbons

* Team Events