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Soccer: Gladiators stop Molalla's winning streak


The Indians lost 5-0 on Tuesday.

by: CORY MIMMS - Hailey Satyna fights Gladstone's offense.Molalla’s girls soccer team ended their winning streak on Tuesday, taking a tough 5-0 loss to the Gladstone Gladiators. The Indians have never beaten their rival, the Gladiators. The closest they came was early this season when they battled to a 1-1 tie.

The loss followed three decided wins for Molalla. Before the game, Coach Jim Seward said the girls usually end up beating themselves when they play the Gladiators. “They have it in their head they can’t beat Gladstone,” he said, adding that his goal is to change that line of thinking.

And a change in culture seemed in the cards, as the girls stepped onto the sloppy, muddy field, they seemed to have a winning mindset. They came out hollering and energetic.

As the game began, clouds pushed in from behind both goals, closing a hole of blue sky that momentarily opened as the Indians warmed up.

Under the gray, the Gladiators took possession of the ball early. Molalla aggressively kept up for the first fifteen minutes, winning balls and keeping Gladstone at bay.

But 17 minutes into the game, the Gladiators caught Molalla off guard and drove the ball deep into Indian territory and into the net. The Gladiators found the goal open again two minutes later and jumped to a two-goal lead.

Molalla’s fight didn’t wither though. They pushed into Gladiator territory and got their first real chance for a goal with ten minutes left in the first half. Chase Rome took the shot but missed, shooting just wide of the net. The Gladiators took possession and kept the Indians scrambling on defense. They converted three more goals before the end of the game.

A win would have bumped Molalla to second in the league. The loss keeps them at third.

Mollala next faces first-ranked La Salle on Tuesday, Oct. 15.