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JV2 soccer: Up and coming


Molallas girls JV2 soccer team is undefeated, 7-0 for the season.

“JV2 is a group of freshman, class of 2018, and they are on fire!” Coach Jessica Lehmann said. “We have been successful because the fundamentals are tight and the basics are good. The girls can make accurate passes, anticipate the other team, and they know their positions. The great thing is that each of these girls can play any position and do it well. Thus, their understanding of the field is superb and they are able to play as a team. They trust each other to get their support, they will be there when they are needed, and will encourage and communicate along the way.”

According to captain Meghan Wade, the team is successful because they “care about each other and know each other’s strengths and weakness.”

Mady Bluemmel, who is the lead scorer with three hat tricks this season, agreed that team work is key. “We work well together," she said.

The lineup

Defense: Meagan Routley, Meghan Wade, Brittni Callahan, Ashtyn Peck, and Jessa Donaldson. Emilee Carr in goal.

Offense: Jordan Wolff, Rachel Norgren, Hannah Baughman, Amber Youngren, Kellsie Gobet, Desirae DesRosiers, and Mady Bluemmel.

Lehmann: [We have] a strong and fast defense that can run down any attempting forward. Carr has quick hands in goal and serves as a dependable drop pass to support her defense.

The center field distributes the ball well to the wings but also has an eye for the goal.

The goal

Lehmann: The team focus has been to move the ball quickly by having no more than three touches, finding the triangles and creating passes that move the ball forward. When we became consistent at this, it became apparent that they needed the confidence to finish the ball and not depend on just one person to make all the goals.

After practicing a variety of attacking strategies, working on power shots from various spots around the 18-yard box and focusing on placement in the goal; we have been able to attack from all over.

Most of the girls have scored at least one goal this season.

The girls say our goal is to remain undefeated, which means continue focusing on what has made us get this far. While continuing to respect yourself, your opponents and the game.

The competition

Lehmann: Molalla Youth Sports has really helped these young ladies get ready for their high school competition. It's crucial to master the fundamentals and know the game in order to excel in high school athletics. Not to forget that academics is the most important and these girls know that they have to study in order to play.

We had a tough competition against Sherwood, but the girls rose to the occasion and enjoyed the challenge, in the mud and rain. We came out ahead at 6-5.